Holidays in Indonesia always combine not only excellent beaches, but also a wide excursion program. In this amazing country, many monuments of culture and architecture have been preserved. However, there are many natural attractions. However, today we will talk about the famous Prambanan – the largest temple complex of the medieval period. Read more to find out about this place, how to get there and where to stay.

How to get to Prambanan

The temple complex is located in Yogyakarta. The city has its own international airport – Adisucipto International Airport.

Getting to Prambanan will not be difficult for you. The easiest way is to buy a tour at one of the travel companies. Tours typically include transfers to / from your hotel.

Prambanan, Prambanan, Indonesia Travel Guide

If you prefer independent travel, then there is nothing complicated. Buses from Malioboro leave from the city every 20-30 minutes to the temple complex (bus route No. 1A).

If you want to travel quickly and comfortably, you can take a taxi. The fare will be from 5 to 10 dollars.

Information about Prambanan

The Prambanan temple complex is located on the largest Indonesian island of Java. This is one of the most famous sights of the country. The thin date for the construction of the complex is not known, but scientists agree that the construction was laid in the 10th century.

The temple complex includes about 200 temples that are dedicated to three gods: Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma. Each temple is built in accordance with the traditions of the Hindu faith. Unfortunately, only part of the temples has been preserved, the rest are ruins. In 1991, the temple complex was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Prambanan, Prambanan, Indonesia Travel Guide

Perhaps the main temples of Prambanan are Lara Jongrang. These three temples became a kind of symbol of Prambanan. They are decorated with a unique carved stone relief.

The temple complex attracts a lot of attention not only from tourists, but also from local residents who like to spend their weekends here. The park around the complex offers many attractions, including bike rental, children’s games, archery, horse riding, theater performances and much more. Anyone can take part in the entertainment.

Hotels in Prambanan

The nearest hotels to Prambanan are located literally within walking distance. In addition, most of them offer weighty reasonable accommodation prices. Here are some of them:

The One Legion: This is a great hotel, it is clean and safe. Each room has a sun terrace or balcony.

Prambanan, Prambanan, Indonesia Travel Guide

Bonyon Tree Binton: This hotel is in the luxury category. It offers spacious rooms, a restaurant, free breakfast and Wi-Fi, a swimming pool and much more.

Maya Ubut Resort &Spa: This is a very popular hotel in Yogyakarta. Thanks to the lush landscaping of the adjacent territory and picturesque views, tourists are happy to stay here.