Holidays in Turkey can be very diverse. There are not only beautiful beaches and the sea, but also the most interesting sights, both man-made and natural. The country occupies a huge area, on its lands at different times lived peoples with different cultures and histories. For example, Hatay, which will be discussed in the post, stores several interesting landmarks related to history and religion at the same time. One of them is the Prophet Moses Tree.

Prophets visited the lands, on which the Turkish city of Hatay is located today, at the time of the birth of religions. The Prophet Moses Tree was mentioned at once in several historical sources, according to which it was possible to establish its exact location. Today hundreds of people come here every day to touch the ancient history with their own hands.

History of Prophet Moses Tree

The Prophet Moses Tree is shrouded in legends. According to belief, it can fulfill desires. People from all over Turkey and the world come here to leave their wish written on paper in a tree trunk. Many then claim that desires really come true. You can check it out by yourself.

Another legend tells how this tree appeared. According to the description of the life of the prophet, one day Moses came to the lands of the present Hatay. He was very thirsty, and playing, he stuck a stick into the ground, after which he went to the stream. After he returned, he saw his stick start sprouting. You can see this tree today.

Prophet Moses Tree, Prophet Moses Tree / Hatay, Turkey

The tree trunk is 7.5 meters in diameter, 21 meters in circumference, and its height is about 7 meters. The leaves of the tree create a beautiful canopy from the sun, covering an area of ​​more than 1000 square meters.

How to get to Prophet Moses Tree

The easiest and fastest way to get to the Prophet Moses Tree will be from the small town of Samandag, which is located in the province of Hatay. From the city, center to the tree no more than 20 minutes’ drive. You can take a mini bus (dolmush) or a taxi. You can also walk this distance, but make sure you have comfortable shoes.

Prophet Moses Tree, Prophet Moses Tree / Hatay, Turkey

Nearest hotels to Prophet Moses Tree

If you decide to stay in Hatay, the city is ready to offer you a wide range of hotels. However, near the Prophet Moses Tree, there is no hotels or the choice is extremely small. Therefore, you can stay in Samandag or Antakya.

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Prophet Moses Tree, Prophet Moses Tree / Hatay, Turkey

Nearest restaurants to Prophet Moses Tree

However, the choice of restaurants and cafes near the Prophet Moses Tree is very large. Here you have a certain risk of difficulty in choosing a place.

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