This charming South American country is the world’s largest banana exporter. Ecuador, which produces excellent aromatic coffees and high-quality cocoa, is also an exporter of palm oil. Ecuador, the birthplace of the Incas, is of great interest to tourists due to its unique nature. Quito, which is the most populous city in Ecuador with a population of about 3 million people, is divided into two cities – old and new. If you are looking for nightlife and entertainment, the new Quito is what you need. For those who want to get away from the busy life of the city and relax a bit, get acquainted with the history of city – you need to go to the old town. The capital often hosts various festivals that attract many tourists and the local population. Go to Ecuador to get acquainted with Quito and spend a pleasant and exciting journey.

Quito, Quito Holiday Guide / Ecuador

Quito / Ecuador how to get there?

To visit Quito, you do not need a visa, provided that your stay in the country will not exceed more than 90 days. Direct flights to Ecuador are available only from Europe or America. If you are not afraid of long flights, you will arrive in one of the smallest, but the most beautiful cities in the world, which you can imagine after a journey of 15 hours. Quito will meet you with magnificent views and you will quickly forget the inconvenience of a long flight. To move around the city is very convenient. Public transport is well developed and is represented by trams, buses and cable cars. In addition, tourists have the opportunity to rent a car. To do this, we recommend that you contact one of the many rent car offices that can be found throughout the city.

Quito, Quito Holiday Guide / Ecuador

Information about Quito / Ecuador

Ecuador is located in the North-West of South America, next to Colombia and Peru. Ecuador is the first country to rise against the Spanish colonizers in 1500. The country declared its independence by winning the battle of Pichincha. Quito is the second highest located capital above sea level after La Paz (Bolivia). Built at an altitude of 2800 meters, the city reveals its unique character to tourists.

The capital, which has been out of sight for many years, is today a favorite destination for tourists. The monument to mother Mary is the most famous symbol of the city. It was built by the Spanish artist Agustin de La Herran Mattoras on the hill Panecillo. The height of the monument is 45 meters. Perhaps the most amazing buildings can be seen in old town, one of which is the Basilica Del Voto Nacional. The Basilica is the tallest building in old town. The building is made in the Gothic style, and with its 117-meter bell towers offer a unique view of the old and new town. In General, the old town of Quito is included in the UNESCO cultural heritage list. Here you can enjoy lunch in the café and explore the cultural heritage of the city at the same time. A walk through the streets of old Quito, without a doubt, will give you a special pleasure.

Quito, Quito Holiday Guide / Ecuador

The Equatorial line passes through Quito. For this reason, the city got its name, translated from the local language Quito means “center of the world.” Don’t finish your trip to Quito without seeing the monument erected on the Equator line.

Quito / Ecuador Accommodation

Accommodation in old Quito provides ease of movement between the main attractions of the city, there is very quiet and peaceful. If you love the nightlife and want to have fun, choose accommodation in new Quito. In any case, you can find a suitable type of accommodation in both areas.

Quito, Quito Holiday Guide / Ecuador

Hotel Casa Gangotena: a great choice for those who want to stay in the old town. You will find here both comfort and luxury.

Mercure Alameda Hotel: Clean, comfortable rooms – this is perhaps the most beautiful hotel where you can spend a great stay with excellent service.