Holidays in China is a very popular tourist destination. This country holds many miracles, both man-made and natural. Chinese culture and history goes deep into antiquity, and the sights amaze guests at first sight. However, China is also a great beach holiday. However, there is a beach in this country, which is significantly different from all others. It is about Red Beach. Are you intrigued? Then keep reading to find out about this place, how to get there and where to stay nearby.

How to get to Red Beach in China

Red Beach is located about 18 miles south-west of the city of Panjin, in northeastern China. Faster and more conveniently, you will get here from the city of Panjin. From the city, you can reach the beach by minibus or taxi. Alternatively, you can buy a tour at a tourist office or hotel. As a rule, the price of the tour includes transfer and guide support.

Red Beach, Red Beach, China Travel Guide

The nearest airports to Red Beach are Shenyang International Airport, Dalian International Airport and Jinzhou Airport.

Information about Red Beach in China

Red Beach in China is a true wonder of nature. It is located on the territory of the Shuangtai Hekou Nature Reserve in the Liaohe River Valley. The beach is not sandy. It is a marshy delta of the river, where unique Sueda algae grow. Every year in the fall, this beach is colored red due to these algae, which, when they die, gradually acquire a bright red hue. From September, thousands of tourists from all over the world come to see with their own eyes the red carpet that extends to the horizon.

Red Beach, Red Beach, China Travel Guide

In order to keep nature intact, wooden paths and viewing platforms on a small stretch of beach were equipped especially for guests and tourists. Access to other places of the reserve is prohibited.

Nearest Hotels to Red Beach in China

For the convenience of tourists, near the Red Beach there are small guesthouses and villas in the form of pagodas, where everyone can stay. However, keep in mind that during the peak tourist season you are unlikely to find them free. Therefore, booking hotels in Red Beach is necessary in advance.

Red Beach, Red Beach, China Travel Guide

As for other accommodation alternatives, here are some of them:

Holiday Inn Panjin Aqua City: This 4-star hotel is located in the city center of Panjin. This is a clean and safe hotel near major transportation hubs. Qualified staff is always ready to help guests and orient them in the city if necessary.

Panjin Beilv Country Spring Homestay: The hotel is built in the style of a traditional Chinese house. This is an ideal place for those who seek peace and solitude.