Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, annually becomes the center of the meeting and holding of the main musical event of the year – Roskilde Music Festival. It is the largest festival in Northern Europe that has been held in Copenhagen since 1971. Its main feature is that it is a completely non-commercial project. About 30 thousand volunteers annually work on creating the entire infrastructure of the festival. They provide security for the festival, build scenes and campgrounds, serve guests and participants of the festival. All the money goes to charity – support for music, art, culture, children and youth.

How to get to Roskilde Music Festival?

In order to get to the Roskilde Music Festival, you need to get to Copenhagen first. Kastrup International Airport takes hundreds of flights from different countries every day. If you are traveling from European cities, then you can get there by train. Next you need to get to Central Station. From here, commuter trains to Roskilde depart every 12-15 minutes. You need to get off the train at the stop Roskilde Station and follow the crowd towards the Festival. The journey takes about 20 minutes.

Roskilde Music Festival, Roskilde Music Festival in Copenhagen

You can also get to Roskilde Fest by car or by a special shuttle bus from the airport. Travel time will take about an hour.

Information about Roskilde Music Festival

Roskilde Music Festival is one of the five largest music events in Europe. From the first day of its existence, it is a completely non-commercial project that sends all the money to charity. It is this that greatly distinguishes it from other festivals. Another interesting feature of the festival is the annual drawing of tickets. Win a ticket to the fest can anyone who wins the race naked, which is annually arranged on Roskilde. Winners in Nude Run are always two – men and women.

Roskilde lasts 7 days between the end of June and the beginning of July. Every year the festival hosts about 130 thousand people, not counting musicians and volunteers. Over the years, the festival has attracted the most famous names such as Bob Marley, U2, Beastie Boys, Metallica, Nirvana, and many others. Today at the festival are not less famous world-class musicians from around the world.

Roskilde Music Festival, Roskilde Music Festival in Copenhagen

Roskilde Fest, on the other hand, is not just music. Every year there are meetings with interesting and famous people, discussions and debates are held on various topical issues, lectures, watching movies, parties and much more.

On the territory of Roskilde music festival there are 7 main scenes, the main of which is Orange Stage. There are also campgrounds, parking, food stalls, recreation and eating areas, Wi-Fi, showers, toilets, two lakes where you can go fishing and swimming, points for charging phones and gadgets, first aid stations and much more. The price of full festival ticket is 2100 DKK (slightly more than 280 Euro), the price of a one-day ticket is 1050 DKK (about 140 Euro).

Where to stay in Roskilde Music Festival?

While attending the biggest event of the year, you don’t have to worry about where to stay in Roskilde. There are several types of accommodation on the territory of the festival. Among them: tent camping, caravan camping, MC camping, tent house, sleep-in-busses, regular and special camping.

Roskilde Music Festival, Roskilde Music Festival in Copenhagen

Such a large selection of accommodation will allow you to choose exactly what suits you. The cost of a full festival ticket already includes a fee for a tent site at a regular campsite.