Rotterdam is the second largest port city of the Netherlands. It is the largest port in Europe on the North Sea. The first settlements on the territory of the modern city appeared around the 13th century. Ever since, the city grew freely and developed. Throughout its history, the city experienced a lot of tragedies, but it got stronger and survived to amaze guests with its magnificence today.

Rotterdam is often called the city of modern architecture. The city center is built up with the most modern and futuristic buildings that you cannot imagine before. In addition, the city is full of interesting museums, and there are still 7 original Dutch windmills here.

Rotterdam, Rotterdam, Netherlands Travel Guide

Rotterdam How to get there?

Rotterdam has a small airport that receives flights from Germany, Italy, France, Spain and England and some other countries. In the event that there are no direct flights from your city, you need to choose a flight with a transfer. From the airport to the city center, the distance is only 7 km. You can take a bus or a taxi, and the journey takes less than 20 minutes.

An alternative to travel can be a train. At the Rotterdam Centraal Station, trains arrive not only from all over the country, but also from Belgium and France.

Rotterdam, Rotterdam, Netherlands Travel Guide

Alternatively, you can get to Rotterdam by ferry from the United Kingdom.

The public transport system in Rotterdam is very well organized. The city has two metro lines, a network of trams and buses, including night ones. Surprisingly, in Rotterdam there is a tuk-tuk – a three-wheeled open moto-bike with a sidecar, as in Asian countries. This is a great alternative to a taxi, which you can also use to get around the city.

Sights in Rotterdam

Rotterdam had to be restored from the ruins after the end of the Second World War, therefore the city is an excellent example of modern urban architecture. The city government approved the most creative and courageous construction projects. So, in the city there were many buildings that have become attractions: the bridge-swan, the cubic house, Euromast, buildings in the form of a mushroom and iceberg, and much more.

Among the museums in Rotterdam are also the Museum of Entomology, the Historical Museum and the Maritime Museum, where more than half a million exhibits from different countries are collected.

You can feel the atmosphere of medieval Rotterdam in the Delft port area, where narrow streets, river canals, old buildings and windmills are preserved.

Rotterdam, Rotterdam, Netherlands Travel Guide

And of course, Rotterdam is ready to offer its guests a rich program of night entertainment. Here you will find the best clubs, bars and coffeeshops.

Among the interesting places to visit in Rotterdam are:

  • Erasmus bridge
  • Maritime Museum
  • Cubic houses
  • Markthal (futuristic market)
  • The historic quarter Delfshaven
  • Kunsthal
  • Museum Boymans Van Beuningen
  • City Zoo
  • Botanical Garden
  • Rotterdam Central Station

Rotterdam, Rotterdam, Netherlands Travel Guide

Hotels in Rotterdam

Hotels in Rotterdam offer a great choice of accommodation in each area of the city. Although the hotels in the city center are a bit more expensive, but they are convenient because they are at the same distance from all areas and attractions of the city. Hotels in the Delfshaven area can be a good choice for a pleasant stay. The Nord area is chosen by the majority of tourists due to the proximity to museums, attractions and excellent transport accessibility.