Imagine a place like this: a beautiful island country with ostriches and coconut palms. Let it be in the Caribbean. The air in this beautiful country fills your lungs with ocean air. Is there such a place that comes to your mind? No? Think about which country produces most of the coconuts in the world. There are so many spices in this country that it is called “Spice Island”. You still have not guessed? This is Grenada. If you are interested in learning more about Saint Georges in Grenada, continue reading our article. Further you will learn how to get there, what to see and what hotel to choose.

Saint Georges, Saint Georges Grenada

Saint Georges Grenada How to Get There?

Direct flights to St. Georges are operated from the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Germany and some other countries. Maurice Bishop International Airport is just 4 km from the city. You can get to the capital of Grenada by public transport or taxi.

Saint Georges, Saint Georges Grenada

Information about Saint Georges Grenada

Grenada is a country in the Caribbean, which is the largest exporter of coconut in the world. A large number of spices are also grown and exported in the country. The national symbol of the island is the ostrich. Today, endangered birds are protected by the state.

The country was captured by the French in 1649 and used as a colony for many years. After the French domination, Granada came under the power of the British. The country declared its independence only in 1974. Having declared its independence, the country began to produce and sell coconuts and nutmeg. 40% of the coconut in the world is procured from this country. This is one of the most important economic resources of the country.

Saint Georges, Saint Georges Grenada

The capital of Grenada, Saint Georges is the most populous city in the country. The city is located at the foot of an ancient volcano. Because of the location in the country are often typhoons. Most people of African descent. A small part of the population consists of Indians. The national sport is cricket. In the city you can see a lot of cricket fields.

In Saint-Georges / Grenada, you can also take part in rafting and tubing activities. In addition, in the capital, you can organize mountaineering tours to the ancient volcano, as a group, and individually with a guide. Walking tours in the wild around the city are very popular. For fans of camping, the capital of Grenada can also offer a variety of different grounds. In the markets and stores in St. George you can find a wide range of handmade items.

Saint Georges Grenada Accommodation

If you are looking for hotels in St. George, we can recommend a few:

Estance Resort, Inn on The Cliff, Courtyard by Morriot Saint Georges, Town Place Suties Saint Georges, Holiday Inn Saint Georges Convention Center, Best Western PlusAlbey Inn, Wintage By Wyndham Saint Georges, Hompten Inn Saint Georges, Best Western Corol Saint Georges.

Saint Georges, Saint Georges Grenada

Each of these hotels provides excellent service, clean and comfortable rooms, some offer free food. Choose a hotel according to your taste and budget size and enjoy your vacation in Saint Georges in Grenada.