Saint-Tropez is one of the most luxurious resort cities, not only in France, but throughout Europe. Everyone who loves the Cote d’Azur, great beaches, expensive shopping and yachts and the most glamorous and luxurious nightlife, is eager to get here. Surprisingly, only 60-70 years ago it was an ordinary fishing town, and now movie stars and celebrities from around the world are resting here. The best actors of French cinema acted here in films and rested: Alain Delon, Bridget Bardot, Yves Montand and many others. And today the richest people in the world are resting and buying real estate here.

How to get to Saint Tropez?

Saint Tropez does not have its own airport. The nearest is located in the city of Nice (Nice Côte d’Azur Airport). From there to the resort about 100 km. On excellent local roads, the travel time to the resort takes from an hour to an hour and a half. However, if you arrive at the peak of the tourist season, the transfer to the city may stretch for 2-3 hours due to traffic jams. As you probably guessed, the fastest and most comfortable way to get to the resort from the airport is by transfer / taxi. However, this is the most expensive way. If you want to save a little, then there are alternatives:

Saint Tropez, Saint Tropez, France Travel Guide

  • You can get to Saint Tropez by train from Nice. Trains run daily from the central station to Saint-Raphael Station. There is a bus from Saint-Raphael station (route 7601) directly to Saint-Tropez. In general, travel time can take about 2-2.5 hours.
  • You can get to Saint Tropez by bus from Nice. You can buy tickets at the box office at the bus station.
  • From St Maxim, Grimaud or St Raphael, you can reach St Tropez by ferry. This method is relevant for those who are already traveling in France.

Sights of Saint Tropez

Perhaps the main reason why tourists come to St. Tropez is the sun, sea, beaches, boat trips and luxury parties. However, there are several attractions that you may well include in your excursion program. Among them are the Old Town or the Fishing Quarter.

There are unique chapels, churches and strongholds of the 15-16 centuries. In some of them, museums of art and history are open today. One of them is the Maritime Museum. It is located in one of the turret fort. Its exhibitions tell about the glorious combat and navigational past of the region.

Saint Tropez, Saint Tropez, France Travel Guide

Another no less interesting museum is the Butterfly House. Here visitors can see one of the largest insect collections from around the world.

In early October, a traditional sailing regatta takes place in St. Tropez. Many tourists and yachtsmen come to see and participate in this event. Also in the fall, the city hosts the largest polo competition and the Porsche Atomic Exhibition.

Hotels in Saint Tropez

Saint Tropez has long had a reputation for being one of the most prestigious and expensive resorts in France. Therefore, when choosing a hotel in St. Tropez, be prepared to pay a rather large amount, especially if you visit the city during the peak tourist season (in spring, summer or early fall).

Saint Tropez, Saint Tropez, France Travel Guide