Samsun is known as the largest city in the Black Sea region of Turkey. It is a port city located in the northern part of the country on the Black Sea coast. The city includes 17 districts. And although the city of Samsun is located on the coast, tourists visit it primarily for sightseeing purposes. The city played an important role in the development of the state and has many historical, cultural and natural attractions.

The first settlements on the territory of the modern city emerged as early as 3500 millennia BC. And in the 6th century BC The Ionians built a city on these lands and named it Amisos. Ancient sources say that it was here that the famous Amazons once lived, in whose honor Samsun hosts an annual cultural festival. After the decline of Greek civilization, the city passed into the hands of the Romans, and then the Byzantines. And in the 13th century, the Seljuks seized Amisos, who soon renamed it Samsun.

Samsun, Samsun Turkey Travel Guide

Samsun How to get there?

There are several ways to get to Samsun, and the fastest of them will be air travel. The nearest airport to the city is Carsamba Airport, 23 km from the city. The airport serves both local and international flights. You can get from the airport to the city on the tourist shuttle, taxi or rent a car. You can easily find car rental offices in the airport terminal.

Samsun is connected with almost all cities of Turkey by railway (Amasya-Sivas line) and bus service.

The most interesting sights in Samsun

Samsun due to its rich history boasts many attractions for which tourists come here. Among the sights of Samsun, you will find both cultural and natural sites. Here are the most interesting ones:

Ataturk Monument in Samsun

Ataturk Monument is located in the central part of the city park. The city of Samsun became the starting point from where Atatürk began his struggle for the independence of the country. The height of the monument is about 9 meters. It is noteworthy that the monument was built by collecting money among the people of Samsun. The monument was solemnly opened in 1932 by citizens of the country, thus expressing their love and respect to the national hero. Sight is open to the public at any time for free.

Samsun, Samsun Turkey Travel Guide

Amisos Tepesi (Amisos Hill)

Amisos Hill is 4 km from the center of Samsun. Here are the ruins of the ancient city. In addition to historical and cultural value, the hill also offers its visitors beautiful panoramic views of the city. This place is very popular with tourists who come to Samsun. It can be said that the hill is a must-see point in the itinerary of many travelers. Climb the hill you can by cable car. From the top there is a fantastic view of the city, the sea and nature.

Samsun, Samsun Turkey Travel Guide

Sahinkaya Canyon

Sahinkaya Canyon offers its guests views with spectacular mountain landscapes, at the foot of which lakes lie. This unique natural landmark is frequented by tourists. The canyon is located 100 km west of the city. You can go on a journey through the gorge on board a small ship or a motor boat, which you can find near the canyon. On the shores of the lake there are several cozy restaurants serving national and fish dishes. Vessels sail from the coast every day from 10:00 to 18:00.

Samsun, Samsun Turkey Travel Guide