San Francisco is one of the most famous cities in the United States. Perhaps it is impossible to count how many songs, films and books are devoted to this city. It is located in the state of California on the Pacific coast. Thousands of tourists from all over the world come here to see with their own eyes the famous Golden Gate, city trams and colorful houses in the Victorian style, located on the hilly streets.

In addition, the entertainment industry in the city is very developed. Various festivals and holidays are held here regularly, so that each guest of the city can take part in them if he wants. Well, about the nightlife of San Francisco, they know, or at least heard something, perhaps all. A variety of entertainment for every taste will not disappoint a single guest and tourist.

San Francisco Festivals

For many travelers, San Francisco is associated with freethinking and a city devoid of stereotypes. In addition, indeed, coming here you literally feel the smell of freedom. Here you can be whom you want, dress like you want to sing and dance the way you want. In addition, numerous unusual festivals of the city regularly confirm this unwritten rule. Here are just some of the biggest festivals of San Francisco:

  • Gay Pride (June);

This is the largest gay parade in the country. It involves about 200 sites. The organizers of the festival call for a demonstration of the freedom of choice of people of different sexual orientations, as well as for tolerance towards them.

  • Street food Fest (August);

The festival offers all visitors and residents of the city to try street food from different parts of the world: South America, Asia and Europe.

San Francisco, San Francisco, United States

  • Bay to Breakers (May);

This is an annual costume race in which more than 2 million people take part. Once it was planned as an event for rallying citizens in the face of natural disasters, and now it is a unique tradition of San Francisco, which reflects all the brightness and diversity of the city.

  • International Film Festival (April);

This is the oldest film festival in the United States. Within the framework of the festival, there are premiere screenings of feature films and author films from directors from around the world.

San Francisco, San Francisco, United States

San Francisco Nightlife

As for nightlife, in this matter, San Francisco can overtake the leading cities of the world. Entertainment here is really for every taste: from opera and concert halls to crazy shows and dances to the music of the most popular DJs. You can watch a musical or go to a night cinema. In San Francisco, there are many great comedy clubs where you can not only listen to great jokes, but also take part in the performance yourself. Do you want to relax? Then go to a massage or spa salon, of which there are a lot. Alternatively, you can just walk around the night city and enjoy the views of the ocean or have fun at one of the beach parties.