Are you one of those who want to go on vacation and spend interesting time during the day and fun at night? You don’t want to visit too many tourist attractions but you want to visit one of the most beautiful natural wonders? What do you say you see a volcano so close that you seem to reach out and touch it? Most likely, it would be interesting. If you want to get to such a place, we can recommend you to visit San Salvador – the capital of El Salvador.

El Salvador is the smallest country in Central America. In the capital, is a Volcano Boqueron. This is one of the most beautiful places in the world. If you plan to visit San Salvador, it will be useful to know some information about it. How to get to San Salvador? What is this place where you can stay in San Salvador? We have found answers to these questions. Now we are happy to share them with you.

San Salvador, San Salvador / El Salvador

San Salvador / El Salvador How to Get There?

To visit El Salvador, citizens of the United States, Canada, EU countries, Turkey, Russia and some other countries do not need a visa. Visa-free entry to El Salvador is possible for a period not exceeding 90 days. You can get to San Salvador by direct flights from the USA: Miami, Atlanta or Houston. If you plan a trip from Europe, you can go through Frankfurt.

San Salvador, San Salvador / El Salvador

Information about San Salvador / El Salvador

Everyone who comes to San Salvador should look at its natural beauty, not very tourist city. Lake Ilopango is a volcanic lake, which is located in the vicinity of the capital of El Salvador. The size of the lake is impressive, especially if you imagine that it was formed as a result of a catastrophic volcanic eruption in the fifth century BC.

The volcano, located in the North-West of San Salvador, has become a symbol of the city. Despite the danger due to its activity, the volcano is visited by thousands of tourists every year.

San Salvador, San Salvador / El Salvador

By the age of historical buildings, the Cathedral of San Salvador ranks first. It was built in 1777. Eight great paintings inside the Cathedral illustrate different moments of Jesus ‘ life. The national Palace in San Salvador is one of the historic buildings, which will also attract Your attention. Especially interesting is the yellow room in the Palace, which was used by the President as a study. The civil wars that had been in the country for many years had finally stopped, and now life was back to normal. Safe political environment allows to receive tourists from different countries.

San Salvador, San Salvador / El Salvador

The climate in San Salvador is tropical. Temperature fluctuations do not show much difference during the year. For this reason, the city can be visited at any time of the year. Attractions in San Salvador are located quite far from each other. So, if you are planning a big walk, rent a car. In addition, the city is easy to find a taxi. But if you prefer buses, your trip will be cheaper.

San Salvador / El Salvador Accommodation

After your arrival in San Salvador, your obvious question will be where to stay in this city? Here are a few hotels we have found for you.

San Salvador, San Salvador / El Salvador

The best hotels in the city are located in the areas of Zona Rosa and Conolia Escolen. We will give you the names of several hotels in the area to help you in your choice.

  • Terra Bella Hotel Boituque
  • Ximenos Guest House
  • Suites&Apartments San Benito Zana Rosan
  • Hilton Princess San Salvador
  • Hotel San Moteo
  • Hostal Cafe San Andres

Among the main hotels of the city, these hotels are in the top of the best for living. Good services are offered in all of them. The staff that cares about guest satisfaction, allows you to have a pleasant and comfortable time in these hotels.