Sandikli Fortress is located within the eponymous small town Sandikli in western Turkey in the province of Afyonkarahisar. This is one of the few attractions of this town, but even this circumstance has not yet saved it from the ravages of time. Today, the fortress is an endangered historical monument, and local authorities and activists make great efforts to begin reconstruction. However, so far, their actions have not brought any results. And Sandikli Fortress, standing on a masonry, has retained only part of the wall with a length of only 10 meters.

History of Sandikli Fortress

Sandikli Fortress was built to protect and monitor nearby territories. The order for the construction of the fortress was given by Sultan Germiyan Yakup Bey in 1325. Although much of the fortress is lost today, it is known that it was located on a hill and was surrounded by stone walls.

Sandikli Fortress, Sandikli Fortress / Afyonkarahisar, Turkey

As mentioned above, much of the fortress has been lost due to the ravages of time, earthquakes and vandals. Activists and scientists today are sounding the alarm and insist that Sandikli Fortress be taken under state protection and reconstructed. However, to date, these actions have no result.

How to get to Sandikli Fortress?

Sandikli Fortress is located in the heart of the city of Sandikli on Barbados Sokak Street. Near the fortress is a high school. You can get here by taxi or public transport from anywhere in the city.

To get to Sandikli, it is more convenient and quicker for you to depart from Afyon. You can take a taxi or use the city bus.

Sandikli Fortress, Sandikli Fortress / Afyonkarahisar, Turkey

You can get to Afyon by intercity bus. From Istanbul, the journey takes about 8 hours. From Ankara to get much faster – only 2.5 hours. Therefore, if you are traveling from abroad, choose flights with a transfer in the capital of Turkey.

Nearest hotels to Sandikli Fortress

Despite the fact that Sandikli is a small city, there is no shortage of hotels. Be assured, you will not have problems with accommodation, and you will be able to choose any of the hotels that suits your taste and desired price. Local hotels offer a range of services from breakfast to all inclusive. You can choose any hotel option and enjoy your holiday in Turkey.

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Sandikli Fortress, Sandikli Fortress / Afyonkarahisar, Turkey

Nearest restaurants to Sandikli Fortress

While walking around the city and after visiting the Sandikli Fortress, you will definitely want to relax and maybe have a snack. In this case, the nearest restaurants and cafes will gladly offer you their service. Here you can taste both dishes of national Turkish cuisine, and something more familiar from European dishes.

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