Planning a vacation is not always easy. After all, we so want to get everything at once! We want to go where the hot sun, clean beaches and warm waves and at the same time want an interesting excursion program. We hasten to please you – there are a lot of such places on the Earth. One of these places is the city of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. Today we will give you information about this amazing city and country. Let’s see how to get to Santo Domingo, what to see and which hotel to choose.

Santo Domingo, Santo Domingo / Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo / Dominican Republic How to Get There?

Santo Domingo Las Americas International Airport accepts direct flights from the United States, Spain, France and Panama. The airport is located about 20 km from the city. You can get from the airport to the capital of the Dominican Republic by bus (the stop is not far from the exit from the terminal; the traffic interval is 40 minutes), by taxi or by high-speed train (the traffic interval is every hour).

Santo Domingo, Santo Domingo / Dominican Republic

Information about Santo Domingo / Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo is the capital of the Dominican Republic. The city was founded in 1496. Dominican Republic became the first Spanish colony. It is the most important tourist destination in the Caribbean. The capital of the country is a paradise with a tropical climate and beautiful natural landscapes. The city still has buildings from the First University, the first cathedral and the first monastery. Zona Colonial was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List as a monument to the times of Spanish colonialism.

Santo Domingo is the most important port city in the Dominican Republic. It was here that Christopher Columbus made his first step in the discovery of the New World. This amazing city has a rich excursion program. Santa Maria la Manor, the oldest monastery of the American continent, is located in the historic protected area. The cathedral, built in 1512, is the oldest cathedral in the world. The Museum of Los Casos-Royals, the Royal House Museum is still one of the most protected buildings in this historic area. There is also the Alcazar de Colon Museum, which you will want to visit in the same area. This museum exhibits historical artifacts of the medieval and renaissance periods.

Santo Domingo, Santo Domingo / Dominican Republic

In addition, Santo Domingo is a place with excellent sea, beaches and sun. Parcio Colon is an area with trees, birds and statues filled with local and foreign tourists. El Conde is a pedestrian street, here you can shop.

Puerto del Conde is the gate that was built in honor of the independence of the country. Walking through this gate, you will enter Independence Park. Los Doms – this is the first stone paved street in the American continent. Located in this city, San Nicolas de Bari is the first hospital established in the New World.

Accommodation Santo Domingo / Dominican Republic

Choose a hotel in Santo Domingo near the city center. Most often, these hotels have low prices and a standard set of services provided.

Santo Domingo, Santo Domingo / Dominican Republic

Among the more expensive hotels are: Tirre Viz Comi, Hotel Odette Colniol, Catolonia Santo Domingo.

Do not forget that the hotel must be chosen in advance. Since during the tourist season a large number of tourists come here. We wish you a good holiday.