St. Petersburg is the fourth largest city in Europe. Once the city was the capital of the Russian Empire and retained in itself the amazing architecture of houses, bridges and palaces that amaze the imagination of each guest. The city was founded in 1703 by the Russian emperor Peter the Great.

In Russia, this city is called the cultural capital. And this should not be surprising. In St. Petersburg there are 36 (!!!) complex sites that are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. There are more than 200 museums, more than 2,000 libraries, about 100 theaters, as many concert halls, about 50 galleries and other significant cultural objects. If this did not impress you, then in the city you can also find 55 canals, 42 islands and about 500 bridges, some of which are adjustable. Millions of tourists come to see all this magnificence every year. However, in addition to the unique attractions, St. Petersburg is ready to offer an active nightlife, many festivals and active entertainment for every taste.

St. Petersburg Festivals

More than 100 festivals of various subjects are held annually in St. Petersburg. Here are just some of the most popular festivals:

  • Roof Fest (June-July);

A unique fest that gathers musicians and public on the most picturesque roofs of the city.

  • Festival Tinkoff Stereoleto (July);

Music festival with the participation of Russian and foreign performers.

  • Odyssey Festival (June);

The largest fest of costumes and contemporary music.

  • Craft cheese festival (end of June);

A unique event for real fans of cheese.

St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg, Russia

  • Sound show “Singing Bridges” (from the end of May to the beginning of September);

With the opening of navigation and the beginning of the White Nights season, every night, anyone can watch the breeding of the Palace Bridge to the music.

  • Sand Sculpture Festival (May-September)

 St. Petersburg Nightlife

The nightlife of St. Petersburg is very active and bright. At the same time, everyone can find entertainment to their liking from visiting night libraries to eccentric dances in a trendy club. The choice is yours.

Saint Petersburg became the first city in Russia where the first rock club appeared. Today, there are thousands of different clubs and bars in the city, where the most different music plays: pop, rock, jazz, country, hip-hop and more. In addition to parties in clubs and bars, the city offers restaurants of all kinds, theatrical performances, cinema, concerts and romantic walks on the embankment of the Neva River.

St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg, Russia

You can go on a tour of the bars of St. Petersburg or choose one of many. And what about going to the air walk through the night sky and see the city from a bird’s eye view? This is also possible in the cultural capital of Russia. Plus, you can visit numerous karaoke or cocktail bars, art clubs, disco bookstores and even a swimming pool.