The best vacation is one that you will remember for a long time, one in which there are adventures in new cities or countries for you. Every year more and more tourists choose the most unusual tourist destinations every year, so that one of the few will enjoy the unique beauties of our planet. One of these places will be discussed in today’s post. The Stone Forest in Madagascar is a real miracle of nature, which is necessary visit for those who love adventure and unique landscapes. Read more to find out about this place, how to get there and where to stay nearby.

How to get to Stone Forest, Madagascar

Stone Forest is located on the territory of Tsingy de Bemaraha Reserve. This national park is located about 400 kilometers from Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar.

Stone Forest, Stone Forest, Madagascar Travel Guide

Hiking trails in the park begin at Bekopaka. You can get here by rented SUVs from the nearest city of Morondava (about 190 kilometers from the reserve), as well as from the city of Antsalova, where planes fly from the cities of Antananarivo and Mahajanga. Other transportation options are not available here. Rent a car immediately with a local guide, otherwise it will be extremely difficult for you to navigate local roads and crossings.

Information about Stone Forest, Madagascar

The Stone Forest in Madagascar is one of the wonders of nature, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1990. It is the largest national park on the island. Some parts of the reserve are still closed to visitors. However, even the open part of it is more than enough to make a complete picture of the local unique landscapes.

The stone forest is a unique karst landscape formed during a million years due to erosion, wind and rainfall. The height of each stone trunk is up to 70 meters; their peaks are empty of vegetation and sharp. For the convenience of tourists, there are special wooden paths and suspension bridges, as well as observation platforms on the routes.

Stone Forest, Stone Forest, Madagascar Travel Guide

At the foot of the Stone Forest, life is in full swing. Here live more than 70 species of rare animals and plants, which can be found only in Madagascar.

Nearest Hotels to the Stone Forest, Madagascar

You can find the closest accommodation to Stone Forest in Bekopaka. Here you are unlikely to find luxury hotels of world brands, but camping, hostels and guesthouses are ready to provide their services to everyone. In addition, for tourists, there are budget and spacious hotels where you can stay in comfort. Among them:

  • Orchidee du Bemaraha
  • L’Olympe du Bemaraha
  • Soleil des Tsingy
  • Le Grand Hotel du Tsingy de Bemaraha
  • Tanankoay