Strasbourg is one of the most beautiful cities in France. It is located near the border with Germany, in the eastern part of the country. It is the largest city in the Alsace region and is its capital.

Surprisingly, Strasbourg has retained its historical appearance. Walking through the streets of the city, you can easily imagine yourself in the Middle Ages. Interestingly, the historic center of the city was included on the UNESCO list among the first among all European cities. In addition to its cultural significance, Strasbourg is also the main university center in France. Well, in addition to this, it can be noted that it is here that the European Parliament meets.

How to get to Strasbourg, France?

Strasbourg International Airport is 10 km from the city center. Here comes a large number of flights from European and French cities. In case if there is no direct flight from your city, you can choose a flight with a transfer in Paris, Prague or Amsterdam. You can get to the city center by aero express or taxi. The way takes about 10 minutes.

There is an alternative way to get to Strasbourg is by train. The railway network in Europe is very well developed. High-speed trains from Paris, Lyon, Luxembourg, Munich, Bordeaux, Marseille, Nice and Vienna arrive daily at the central railway station of Strasbourg.

Strasbourg, Strasbourg, France Travel Guide

As for urban transport, it is developed quite well. You can move around the city by bus, tram, taxi or bicycle. Keep in mind that the historic center of the city is almost completely closed for transport and you can only walk here.

Sights in Strasbourg, France

Strasbourg is a rather popular tourist destination in France. Every year, millions of tourists visit the city, that they see amazing historical, cultural and architectural sights with their own eyes.

The undisputed masterpieces of the historic center, a must-see, is the Strasbourg Cathedral. This amazing monument of Gothic architecture of the 15th century was once the tallest temple in the world. Another interesting place is the quarter of Petite France. Here are the famous medieval houses on the banks of the canal and covered bridges of the 13th century.

Strasbourg, Strasbourg, France Travel Guide

In addition, in Strasbourg, you can also visit the modern buildings of the European Parliament (but only as part of a group and upon prior request). You can go on an excursion to numerous museums or go to the winery, a mini-cruise on the Ile River or a picnic in the Alsatian forests.

Nightlife in Strasbourg is active and fun. Also, the city regularly holds various festivals throughout the year. Strasbourg is quite rich in sights. And besides those that have already been mentioned, the following can be noted:

  • Big Island
  • Vauban Dam
  • Thomas Church
  • Kammerzell House
  • Rohan Palace
  • Strasbourg Historical Museum and much more.

Hotels in Strasbourg, France

Choosing a hotel in Strasbourg, you can find accommodation for every taste and budget. There are many hotels, apartments and hostels. Room prices remain the same in summer and winter during the Christmas holidays.

Strasbourg, Strasbourg, France Travel Guide

When choosing a hotel, consider your purpose for visiting Strasbourg. So, the European quarter will suit those who come to the city on business. Those tourists who came to the city just for a couple of days can stay in the historic center near the main attractions. In the south and east of the city are many hotels and hostels. Tourists who want to visit the city’s museums and parks stay here. The southern quarter is considered the center of nightlife in the bars and clubs that are located here.