Sungurlu Clock Tower is probably the most recognizable place in the Turkish city of Corum. Whatever city guide you take, you will definitely see this clock tower. Thus, the tower became not only an integral part of the city, but also its peculiar symbol.

Interestingly, in every Turkish city there is a clock tower. They all differ in architecture and design, and you will not find any similar to each other. Each of them appeared in the days of the Ottoman Empire. The towers were built at a time when not all the citizens had a pocket watch, and even more so a wrist watch. Now, in addition to timing, the towers have an aesthetic function and serve as a reminder of the past era.

History of Sungurlu Clock Tower

Sungurlu Clock Tower in Corum was built in 1892 by order of Edip Bay, the governor of the city. The tower’s architect was Zakir Usta, who already had experience of similar construction and built a clock tower in the neighboring province of Yozgat. The tower is completely made of carved stone and has eight floors. On each of them, starting from the third floor, there are small rounded windows. At the top of the tower was added a wooden pavilion with a wavy cornice.

Sungurlu Clock Tower, Sungurlu Clock Tower / Corum, Turkey

The dial of the clock tower is located on all four sides. Ibrahim Usta, a watchmaker from Corum, made the clock movements. The bell in the clock is a gift of the German consul, who at that time served in Amasia.

How to get to Sungurlu Clock Tower

Sungurlu Clock Tower is located in the Sungurlu district. From the center of Corum to the tower, the journey time is just over 30 minutes. City buses go here (choose the ones on which the route Corum-Sungurlu is marked) and of course a taxi.

Another alternative is car rental. There are many rental locations in the center of Corum, so if you have an international driver’s license, you can take a car for the entire period of your holiday in Turkey.

Sungurlu Clock Tower, Sungurlu Clock Tower / Corum, Turkey

Well, if you are not a fan of independent travel, then you can buy a sightseeing bus tour of Corum in one of the tourist offices. Thus, you can visit several attractions at once.

Nearest hotels to Sungurlu Clock Tower

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Sungurlu Clock Tower, Sungurlu Clock Tower / Corum, Turkey

Nearest restaurants to Sungurlu Clock Tower

After a walk around the city, you probably want to relax and have a snack. You can do this in the nearest restaurants or cafes. Among them:

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