Sydney is one of the largest cities in Australia. Millions of tourists come here every year to relax on local beaches, take a ferry tour of the most beautiful harbors, go shopping or dive into the vibrant nightlife of the city. Sydney fascinates tourists with its diversity. More than 200 nationalities and carriers of different cultures live here. That is why anyone here can feel at home. The city has many unique attractions, the location and climate of the city provide an excellent opportunity for a beach holiday in Australia. In addition, city is surrounded by a green ring of national parks. The status of the national park has several sections of the Sydney Bay, protected as land and sea landscapes.

Sydney, Sydney, Australia Tourist Guide

Sydney / Australia, How to get there?

The path to Australia is rather long. However, be sure that once in Sydney, you will immediately forget about the tiring hours of the flight.

Direct flights to Kingsford Smith Airport in city are available only from Singapore, Doha, Guangzhou, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and some cities in North America. In all other cases, you will need to get with transfers. The Airport is 9 km from the center of city. You can get to the city by train, bus or taxi.

Sydney, Sydney, Australia Tourist Guide

The public transport system in city is the best in Australia. It includes buses, trams, ferry and railway. Also, in the city you can take a taxi or rent a bike.

Sights of Sydney / Australia

Sydney is the largest Australian city where different cultures coexist peacefully together. The heart of city is the Central Business area on the shores of Sydney Cove. There are amazing skyscrapers, Victorian buildings, green parks and expensive restaurants.

Beaches of Sydney

All beaches in Sydney are free to visit. The city has several dozen sandy beaches with clean water. Each of them has cabanas, sun beds, showers and toilets. Every beach has lifeguards on duty. Noisy and crowded Bondi Beach is the main beach of city. On the beaches of Balmoral, Edwards and Shark in Sydney Bay, there are no strong waves, they are suitable for families with children.

Diving in Sydney

The underwater world of Sydney is able to surprise even the most experienced divers. The main diving sites are the Shark Cave, the Burrens Hut Reef, the sunken ships cemetery on the Belamby Reef and the Naked Island in Botany Bay.

Sydney, Sydney, Australia Tourist Guide

The main sights of Sydney

  • Opera theatre
  • Royal Botanical Garden
  • Jenolan Caves
  • Blue Mountains
  • Government House
  • Harbor bridge
  • District Rocks
  • Sydney tower
  • Australian National Maritime Museum

Sydney, Sydney, Australia Tourist Guide

Hotels in Sydney / Australia

Hotels in Sydney offer various accommodation options in different areas of the city. The most economical accommodation option can be considered hostels. By the way, there are a lot of them in the center of the city. Also, in the city are many hotels of different price categories from the middle class to the luxury. Apartment rental can be a good alternative to a hotel. For those who do not suit any of these options, Sydney offers accommodation in campgrounds and caravan parks, which in the city quite a lot.