Tahtali Hamam (Turkish bath) in Malatya has been used for its intended purpose for more than 200 years. This is the oldest hamam in the city and one of the most amazing examples of Ottoman architecture. Because of its large age, the bath has more than once been at risk of being dismantled. However, the local municipality made every effort to ensure that the hammam continued to receive guests and residents of the city.

Today Tahtali Hamam is not only a bath, but also a small museum that tells about the culture of public baths in Turkey. This place is very popular among tourists, as it allows not only to see what hamam is, but also to feel it for yourself.

History of Tahtali Hamam

The exact date of construction of Tahtali Hamam set today is no longer possible. However, most historians agree that a bath has existed and has been used for at least 200 years. It is amazing how well preserved the building of the Ottoman Empire is to this day. After a series of restoration works, in 2018 a museum was opened here. The exhibits here include bath accessories, dishes and furnishings, with the help of dummies created scenes from the life of ordinary visitors to the hamam.

Tahtali Hamam, Tahtali Hamam / Malatya, Turkey

How to get to Tahtali Hamam

Tahtali Hamam is located just 7 minutes from the center of Malatya. You can reach the hamam by public transport (bus, tram, minibus), following the route to Battalgazi or taxi. More than 77 different city routes can take you to the hammam.

Address of Hamam: Mustafa Pasa, Halep Cadessi. No: 125.

Tahtali Hamam, Tahtali Hamam / Malatya, Turkey

Nearest hotels to Tahtali Hamam

Malatya is not only delicious apricots, but also a very popular tourist center in eastern Turkey. Every year the number of tourists who visit the city is steadily growing. However, what is good, hotel prices remain at a low level. In addition, this result is preserved even though there are many alternatives in Malatya for accommodation from the most luxurious rooms with exclusive interiors to completely budget rooms and hostels. If you decide to stay in Malatya, look at the short list of the nearest hotels to Tahtali Hamam below:

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Tahtali Hamam, Tahtali Hamam / Malatya, Turkey

Nearest restaurants to Tahtali Hamam

In Malatya, as in any other Turkish city, you will never be hungry. Around a dozen different cafes or restaurants will always be around you, or, in extreme cases, a street food vendor. Cafes and restaurants Malatya offer their guests a wide menu with dishes and drinks, from which everyone can choose something to their taste. After visiting Tahtali Hamam, you can rest and have a snack at any of the nearest restaurants.

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