Taksiyarhis Museum is located in the Turkish province of Balikesir, in the Ayvalik district. The museum building is a restored church building. It was the first and only church in Ayvalik, remaining from the time of the Byzantine Empire.

Its interiors have been restored in its original form and form. Murals depicting Christian saints are still preserved on the walls. Museum visitors are amazed by the abundance of light and color, as well as the combination of gold interior details with blue ceiling vaults.

History of Taksiyarhis Museum

The church building, which today houses the Taksiyarhis Museum, was built in the 15th century. It is known that the church was restored at least three times. The first time was 173 years after construction, the second time was in 1844, and the third was in 2012. During the second restoration, ceiling vaults added to the architecture of the building, which give sensations of volume and light to the room.

Taksiyarhis Museum, Taksiyarhis Museum / Balikesir, Turkey

The church has three main entrances. White marble columns and large windows create an incredible atmosphere of cleanliness and tranquility. On the walls of the church are preserved Christian frescoes depicting saints. The gold-plated décor and huge lampshades are somewhat reminiscent of the interior elements of the throne room of a palace. For several years, beginning in 1927, the church building was used as a warehouse for the storage of weapons and household items. In 2012, the building was restored and turned into a museum.

How to get to Taksiyarhis Museum

If you are already in Ayvalik, then getting to the Taksiyarhis Museum will not be too difficult for you. This can be done on foot simply by following the signs. On the other hand, if you do not like walking, you can take a taxi.

Taksiyarhis Museum, Taksiyarhis Museum / Balikesir, Turkey

If you want to get to the museum from Balikesir, then you will need much more time. Therefore, travel time will take just over an hour. As for transport, there are several options. The cheapest is the bus. The most expensive is a taxi. The most optimal is the rental of a personal car in any of the rental points in the center of Balikesir.

Nearest hotels to Taksiyarhis Museum

Near the Taksiyarhis Museum, there are many hotels for every taste and budget. You can easily find a guesthouse or hostel, or you can stay in a luxurious room overlooking the Aegean Sea. Among the nearest hotels are:

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Taksiyarhis Museum, Taksiyarhis Museum / Balikesir, Turkey

Nearest restaurants to Taksiyarhis Museum

The nearest cafes and restaurants at the Taksiyarhis Museum offer a huge selection of dishes from meat, vegetables and seafood. Therefore, if you get hungry after walking around the city and visiting a museum, you can go to one of the nearest restaurants:

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