Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, is located at the junction of the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Finland. It is a relatively small city, but there are many interesting sights in it.

The Estonian capital is a city with medieval architecture. The unique atmosphere of the Old Town and the fortress walls is not all that the city can offer to tourists. Despite the short summer, beach tourism is well developed in Tallinn. In addition, the capital of Estonia offers a vibrant nightlife, a variety of active entertainment and numerous festivals of various subjects. Read our Entertainment Guide in Tallinn and you will know what and when to visit in the Estonian capital.

Tallinn Festivals

Numerous festivals of Tallinn annually attract thousands of tourists and guests. All festivals are devoted to different topics and events. Here are just some of the most famous and popular:

  • Beer Festival ILLESUMMER (July);

Fest lasts 4 days. The festival provides accommodation in a tent camp, beer, barbecue and performances of various musical groups.

  • Festival of Folk Dance (July);

Mass festivities with the participation of thousands of people in national Estonian costumes;

  • Days of the Sea Festival (July);

The largest maritime festival in Estonia, the main events are held in the Gulf of Finland.

  • VegFest (July);

Festival of vegetarian food, as part of an event in the city are vegetarian fairs.

Tallinn, Tallinn, Estonia

  • Brigitte Festival (August);

Music and theater festival, in which you can watch works in classical, brass and jazz genres.

  • Comedy Festival (October);

Festival of humor, in which comedians from more than 20 countries participate.

  • Golden Mask Festival (October);

This is one of the main theater events in the Baltics.

Tallinn Nightlife

Tallinn is a city in which it is quite noisy not only during the day, but also at night. Over the last 20 years, the tourist and entertainment infrastructure of the city has developed significantly. And now, in terms of entertainment, the Estonian capital is not inferior to the most fashionable European capitals. The city has a wide variety of nightclubs, bars, dance floors, pubs and restaurants that offer their guests a fun time.

Tallinn night clubs are usually open on Fridays and Saturdays and public holidays from 10-11 pm to 3-4 am. It plays popular dance music, performing fashion DJs. At the entrance to the club usually works control, which checks your documents.

Tallinn, Tallinn, Estonia

As for the bars of Tallinn, then here you will not get bored. As a rule, inside there is a cozy atmosphere, a large selection of drinks and live music. Sometimes in bars there are stand up shows.

The undoubted advantage of Tallinn’s nightlife is the compactness of the location of all major entertainment venues. Therefore, if suddenly you did not like it in one place, very quickly you can get into another.