Most often, planning your vacation, we want to spend it in a new interesting place. However, many travelers want to combine the harmony of the sea and the sun with an interesting excursion program. Tegucigalpa in Honduras is the place that successfully combines the criteria we talked about. Honduras is so beautiful that it can be called a corner of paradise on our Earth. You have already decided? Then let’s see how to get Tegucigalpa / Honduras, which hotel to choose and what to see.

Tegucigalpa, Tegucigalpa / Honduras

Tegucigalpa / Honduras How to Get There?

Direct flights to Tegucigalpa / Honduras are operated from the United States, Colombia, Spain or Panama. Tegucigalpa Toncontin International Airport serves passenger flights arriving in the capital of the country. The airport is 5 km from the city. You can get to the city by taking a taxi, or using the bus.

Tegucigalpa, Tegucigalpa / Honduras

Information about Tegucigalpa / Honduras

The capital of Honduras is Tegucigalpa, located on the green hills of the country. You can go on a journey through time walking the streets of the capital and its surroundings, in which you will find the ancient ruins of the Mayan cities. The capital of Honduras is the most populous city in the country. This is a paradise for a holiday with its beaches and lush green vegetation. In the north of the country there is the largest tropical forest in the world – the Rio-Ployontono – Biosphere. The cathedral in the center of the capital with its traces of Spanish architecture, the Gracias Campus and the beautiful cityscapes will make your holiday unforgettable.

Tegucigalpa, Tegucigalpa / Honduras

Christopher Columbus discovered the country in 1502, and the Spaniards until 1821 established their colonies here. Since 1870, international trade in tropical fruits began to develop in the country, which significantly increased the level of welfare of the population. In the 1990s, the tourism sector joined the development of the country’s economy. However, in 2009, the economy slowed down, which led to the country’s economic collapse and its impoverishment. Efforts to achieve the social well-being of the population are still ongoing in the country.

Today, tourism is the most important source of income in Honduras, where the unemployment rate is very high. The network of railway and motor transport is developed quite well. The country has large reserves of silver, gold, zinc and iron minerals. And the modern government of Honduras is very interested in the development of these mineral deposits. Export of tropical fruits and sugarcane is also an important sector of the country’s economy.

Tegucigalpa, Tegucigalpa / Honduras

In Tegucigalpa, in particular, wood and leather processing workshops are developed. In the local market of San Isidro, you can find many souvenirs made of wood and leather. You can also find here various household items from coconut.

Tegucigalpa / Honduras Accommodation

If you are looking for hotels in Tegucigalpa, here are some accommodation tips:

Cobonos Los Encinos: This is a five-star hotel. Here are clean rooms with an interesting interior and a large selection of unlimited services.

Palmira Hostel: This is an option for economical travelers. Free Wi-Fi is available here.

Holiday Inn Express Tegucigalpa: the hotel is located in the heart of the city. It features swimming pools, fitness centers and free breakfasts.