In ancient times, before the rise of modern world religions, people also believed in gods. However, their gods each were responsible for their own separate area of ​​knowledge or phenomena in the everyday life of people. Therefore, there were gods of the sea, gods of love and gods of wine, gods of death and gods of oblivion and so on. In the era of the Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire, Apollo was considered the god of sun and light. Priests and ordinary people worshiped and offered sacrifices to him, and of course, they built the Temple of Apollo, one of which has survived to the present day.

The temple of Apollo at Didim was built over many millennia BC. It is one of the historical and cultural monuments preserved to our days.

History of Temple of Apollo

Today it is no longer possible to determine the exact date of construction of the Temple of Apollo in Didim. However, all historians agree that this happened in the 4th century BC. It was a grand building in all respects, which lasted several decades. It took about a year to produce only one column for the masters, and in total, there were 122 such columns in the temple. White marble for the construction of the temple were mined on islands in the Aegean Sea. However, the works of thousands of people were destroyed in one day. After a series of earthquakes, the temple was destroyed, and today only two columns and ruins remain from it. The ancient fountain, altar for sacrifices and sculptures of busts of gods, including the busts of Artemis, Apollo and Zeus, are also well preserved.

Temple of Apollo, Temple of Apollo / Didim (Aydin), Turkey

Today, the Temple of Apollo can visit anyone. This open-air museum is open every day from 8 am to 7 pm. Entrance fee is 10 TL (about $2)

How to get to Temple of Apollo

The Temple of Apollo is located in Didim, a Turkish city in the province of Aydin. It is easy to get to the temple. There go small buses (dolmus), the fare costs about 2 TL. Before boarding the bus, make sure that Apollo is written on it. You can also take a taxi, but it is a bit more expensive. From the stop to the temple, no more than 10 minutes’ walk along the road paved with stone.

Temple of Apollo, Temple of Apollo / Didim (Aydin), Turkey

In addition, you can purchase a group or individual tour at any of tourist offices or hotels in Didim. As a rule, the transfer is already included in the tour price.

Nearest hotels to Temple of Apollo

In Didim, there is no shortage of hotels, so the choice of accommodation is quite large. The nearest hotels to the Temple of Apollo are:

  • Medusa House Butik Hotel,
  • Hotel Ksantos,
  • Temple Class Hotel,
  • Toros Hotel, and others.

Temple of Apollo, Temple of Apollo / Didim (Aydin), Turkey

Nearest restaurants to Temple of Apollo

Nearby the Temple of Apollo there are many various restaurants and cafes. Among them:

  • Esinti Restoran
  • Pelikan Bar ve Restoran
  • Toy Bar ve Restoran
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