Tirana, the capital of Albania, annually welcomes hundreds of thousands of tourists coming to the country. Most of them use the city as a huge transport hub that connects all the main roads to the country’s resorts. And only a few linger in the capital to appreciate it. Such a neglect, in our humble opinion, is not justified, because Tirana is a city with a rich history, each stage of which left its mark on the face of the city and country. This is a great place to spend here, though not the whole vacation, but at least a few days for sure. Well, for our part, we will tell you about the city in our travel guide.

How to get to Tirana?

The easiest way to get to Tirana is, of course, by plane. Tirana International Airport Nene Teresa daily receives hundreds of flights from European cities, including low-cost flights. The airport is located just 20 minutes from the city. It offers a taxi service and a shuttle bus, which departs every hour from the airport terminal.

Alternatively, if you are already traveling in Europe, you can use the bus to get to Tirana, for example, from Montenegro.

Tirana, Tirana, Albania Travel Guide

Things to do in Tirana

Tirana has no access to the sea, so talking about beach holidays in the capital is not necessary. The main thing that the capital of Albania is famous for is its attractions. In the architecture of the city, the legacy of the Ottoman Empire, elegant Italian buildings and objects of Soviet architecture are easily guessed. In addition, in the vicinity of the city there are several natural parks where you could go for outdoor activities.

Here are some places you could visit in Tirana:

  • Skanderberg Square;

This is the central square of the city, on which there is a monument to the national hero Skendeberg, in whose honor the square is actually named.

  • National History Museum;

The largest in Albania, here you can get acquainted with the history and culture of the country.

  • Haji Athem Bay Mosque;
  • Saat Kula Clock Tower;

There is a small observation platform on the tower, from which you can admire the city from a height.

Tirana, Tirana, Albania Travel Guide

  • Mother Teresa Square;

Here is a monument to this most famous and revered in the world native of Albania.

  • Daiti National Nature Park and Daiti Mountain Cable Car.

Hotels in Tirana

Hotels in Tirana offer rooms for different budgets and tastes. If you decide to stay in the capital of Albania for a few days, then choose the city center for accommodation. This makes sense, since most of the attractions are located here.

  • Hotel Austria; located close to the central square. The hotel has a bar. Many have garden views.
  • Rogner Hotel; it is one of the most luxurious and comfortable hotels you can find in the city.

You could also stay at:

  • Freddy’s Hotel
  • Capital Tirana Hotel
  • Centrum hotel