Among the sights of Turkey there are many ancient castles and castles. The country owes their appearance to its rich history. For many centuries and millennia, many civilizations have been born and died on this earth, some of which left amazing architectural monuments. One of them, is indisputably considered Toprakkale Castle, located in the Turkish province of Osmaniye.

The castle is considered one of the most recognizable sights of Osmaniye. And in spite of the impressive age of the building, it is well preserved even in order to present its real size and value.

History of Toprakkale Castle

The exact date of construction of the castle is unknown. However, scientists assume that the first fortress at this place was built about 2 thousand years BC. The castle is located on a hill, at an altitude of about 75 meters. It is believed that the main task that the castle performed was a defensive and observational function.

The castle was later reconstructed using black stones during the rule of the Abbasid caliph Harun Reshit. Toprakkale Castle, which we see today has a rectangular shape, 12 towers, as well as the outer courtyard. The castle is open to anyone for free. In the evening and at night, the castle is beautifully illuminated.

Toprakkale castle, Toprakkale Castle / Osmaniye, Turkey

How to get to Toprakkale Castle

Toprakkale castle is located on a hill on the way from Adana to Osmaniye on the highway D400. From the center of Osmaniye, the castle is only 12 km away, or 20 minutes away. You can get to the castle only by car or taxi, as public transport does not go here.

To get to Osmaniye, you can take an intercity bus. The city does not have its own airport, and the nearest are located in Adana and Gaziantep. From there, in any case, you will need to take a bus to get to the city, and then to the castle.

Toprakkale castle, Toprakkale Castle / Osmaniye, Turkey

Nearest hotels to Toprakkale Castle

Osmaniye is a very small city, so we can say that there are not so many accommodation options around the castle. You should choose one of the hotels below or consider other options of hotels, located on average at a distance of 70 – 80 km. However, any of the following hotels will be able to meet your expectations of a comfortable stay.

  • Osmaniye Hanedan Otel
  • Buyuk Osmaniye Oteli

Toprakkale castle, Toprakkale Castle / Osmaniye, Turkey

Nearest restaurants to Toprakkale Castle

As for food and drinks, there are many different restaurants and cafes around Toprakkale Castle, where you can eat and relax. All of them are located in Osmaniye:

  • Serhat Et ve Balik
  • Bursa Kebap Evi
  • Guney Restoran
  • Biber Kebap
  • Osmaniye Bizim Ev Restoran