Ulubey Canyon is the second largest in the world after the Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA. The canyon is located in the Turkish province of Usak in the western part of the country. The canyon and its surroundings are part of the Natural National Park since 2013.

Ulubey Canyon has a huge tourist potential. Thousands of tourists from different countries of the world come here every year. It is an ideal place for those who love eco-tourism and outdoor activities.

History and information about Ulubey Canyon

Ulubey Canyon has not only tourist potential, but also high scientific value. The formation of the canyon took place over several million years. As a result of tectonic movement, chemical and mechanical erosion, a canyon was formed. It has a length of about 45 km. The depth of the canyon ranges from 50 to 170 m, the width in different places ranges from 100 to 500 meters.

The development of tourism infrastructure in the canyon continues to this day. Local authorities are well aware of the entire volume of the tourist potential of this amazing natural attraction. Today in the canyon there are camping and hiking trails. In addition, canyon safari tours are organized on quad bikes, rock climbing and of course mountain biking.

Ulubey Canyon, Ulubey Canyon / Usak, Turkey

In 2015, a large observation deck with a glass floor and a total area of ​​135 square meters was built in the Ulubey Canyon. In the near future, local authorities are planning to build suspension bridges in the canyon, develop new hiking trails, and equip areas for ballooning.

How to get to Ulubey Canyon?

To visit the Canyon Ulubey, first you need to get to the city of Usak. This can be done in several ways.

First is the plane. The nearest airport is just 10 minutes from the city center. However, it only serves domestic flights. If you are traveling from abroad, choose the nearest international airports in Ankara, Denizli and Izmir.

The second way is the intercity bus. From any major city of Turkey from the bus station (Otogar) daily buses depart to Usak.

Ulubey Canyon, Ulubey Canyon / Usak, Turkey

The canyon is located just 33 km from the city center and can be reached even by public transport.

Nearest hotels to Ulubey Canyon

Hotels in Usak offer various accommodation options of varying degrees of comfort and price category. Be sure that after active entertainment in the Ulubey Canyon, you can easily find hotels nearby. Among them:

  • Hotel Esila
  • Ozgobek Ronesans Hotel De Luxe
  • Studio Apart Hotel
  • Kremon Hotel
  • Hotel Akdag
  • Grand Uzcan Hotel

Ulubey Canyon, Ulubey Canyon / Usak, Turkey

Nearest restaurants to Ulubey Canyon

The closest restaurant to Ulubey Canyon is Asar Restoran. It is the only closest alternative where you can rest, eat and drink. The restaurant has a large glass terrace, which offers beautiful views of the canyon. The restaurant is located near the village of Kulcen. There is a varied menu that includes both Turkish and European dishes. The local staff speaks excellent English, so even foreign tourists will be quite comfortable here.