Camping in Turkey every year attracts more and more tourists, including from abroad. Here, perhaps like nowhere else in another country, you can find excellent places for outdoor recreation. One of these places is considered to be the Urla Demircili koyu camp. And this is one of the most beautiful camping sites on the Aegean coast.

Urla Demircili Koyu camp allows you to stay away from the city noise and at the same time enjoy a relaxing holiday on the sea and the beach. This is a place where you can go with your family or friends. The local sea and clean air combined with lush greenery will give you an unforgettable vacation in Turkey. And if suddenly you get bored in the camp, then you will easily find entertainment on the coast from fishing to discos in bars.

Urla Demircili Koyu Camp / Izmir How to get there?

There are several ways to get to the Urla Demircili Koyu camp. We will describe the main ones further.

Those who prefer air transport have to land first at Adnan Menderes Airport. This is the closest airport to the camp. The distance to the camp is just over 40 km and takes about 35 minutes. From the airport every day several times a day, buses depart to Urla. Demircili Bay is only 15 km from Urla, travel time will take no more than 20 minutes.

Urla Demircili Koyu Camp, Urla Demircili Koyu Camp / Izmir

Those who want to come to the camp by car, you have to choose routes through Izmir. This is the shortest way to the camp. Keep in mind that the road, for example, from Istanbul can take more than 6 hours. However, if your vacation is not limited to a few days, you may well enjoy such a long trip discovering beautiful views of Turkey along the way.

Information about Urla Demircili Koyu Camp / Izmir

Urla Demircili Koyu camp is located in one of the districts of Izmir in Turkey on the Aegean Sea. Camp location is really unique. It is located on a small peninsula surrounded by the most beautiful bays in a secluded location, but not far from the main entertainment and comfort of the urban environment. This is one of the most ideal campgrounds for tents and motorhomes.

The campsite has everything you need for a comfortable stay. In addition, outside the camp you can also easily find excellent places for a tent for free, but without the main service. But if you plan to stay here for only 1-2 days, then this option is quite suitable for you.

In addition to excellent camp rest, you can also visit various excursions, both personally and as part of a group. In the vicinity of the camp there are many historical and natural sites. Among them:

  • Hamam and the Antique Theater
  • Karantina Island
  • Necati Cumali House of Memory and Culture
  • Demircili Bay
  • Yucesahil Beach

Urla Demircili Koyu Camp, Urla Demircili Koyu Camp / Izmir

Where to stay in Urla Demircili Koyu Camp / Izmir?

Urla Demircili Camp offers several accommodation options. Of course, the main thing is accommodation in tents and caravans (motor homes). Actually, it is precisely for this that people come here. However, even those who prefer more comfortable conditions can easily find several guesthouses and hostels in the vicinity. However, keep in mind that in this case you need a car in order to get to the beaches of the bay.