Usak is a little-known, but no less interesting city in Turkey, where you can have fun. The city is located in the Aegean Sea region, just 200 km from Izmir. Usak has a rich history, as for many millennia many civilizations and nations lived and died here. In addition to a rich excursion program, the city also invites you to spend time in the beautiful natural parks that surround it.

Usak How to get there?

Usak has its own airport a few km from the city center. However, it only serves local flights. You can only get to Usak with a transfer at the nearest airports in Izmir, Bursa or Antalya. You can also reach Usak by bus. Flights depart from the bus station of any Turkish city every day at intervals from 1 to 2 hours. Travel time from Izmir will be about 2.5 hours, from Antalya – about 4, from Bursa – 3.5 hours.

Usak, Usak, Turkey Tourist Guide

Sights in Usak

The first settlements on the territory of the modern city appeared as early as the 2nd millennium BC, during the time of the Hittite kingdom. The city itself is known from the 7th century BC. Throughout its history, the city was ruled by various kings who changed the name of the city. These lands belonged to the Lydians, Persians, Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks, and finally, the Ottomans. In the years 1919-1923, Usak was a place of fierce fighting during the civil war in Turkey.

In addition, Usak has unique natural attractions that certainly deserve your attention. One of them is the Ulubey Canyon. It is known as the largest canyon after the Grand Canyon in America. This canyon is the second largest canyon in the world and is a natural wonder to see. After this, you can continue your trip to the thermal springs with healing waters in Usak.

You can get acquainted with the history of the city by the Archaeological Museum of Usak. Local exhibits allow you to learn about many ancient settlements, people and their way of life. Another point of the excursion program in Usak can be the ancient city of Blandus. There are many ancient buildings, including the theater and rock tombs.

The list of sights in Usak is quite large. Further we will continue to talk about some of them in more detail.

Ulubey Canyon

Canyon Ulubey is the second largest canyon in the world after the Grand Canyon in Arizona (USA). This is a large canyon that stretches along the Ulubey and Banaz rivers, and it houses dozens of small canyons. The depth of the canyon ranges from 50 meters to 170 meters in different areas. Canyon Ulubey was opened for tourism in 2015.

Usak, Usak, Turkey Tourist Guide

Usak Archaeological Museum

If you want your trip to Usak to become a historical adventure, then the Archaeological Museum will be a great place for you. The museum was opened in 1970. Here you can look at the exhibits that tell a long and amazing history of the city. The museum exhibits represent different eras – from the Bronze Age to modern history.

Museum of Ataturk History and Ethnography in Usak

The museum of ethnography in Usak was built in 1890 by a rich family. The headquarters of the army was located in the building of the current museum during the war of independence, and later Ataturk stayed here during visits to the city. The museum exhibits photographs and household items, as well as clothing, weapons and other personal items.

Usak, Usak, Turkey Tourist Guide