What will you do when you find out that a vacation in Europe is not only medieval cities and castles, but also a great beach holiday? You will most likely start packing your bags, but wait! First, we will tell you in detail about the city of Varna in Bulgaria, which is these resort city where you could go next summer.

How to get to Varna?

The easiest, fastest and most convenient way to get to Varna is by plane. Varna Airport serves scheduled and seasonal (summer) flights from many cities and countries around the world, including Turkey, Russia, Moldova, Ukraine, Austria and the Czech Republic. The airport is located just 20 minutes from the city center. You can get to Varna from the airport by taxi or bus. The bus stop is located at Terminal 2, a ticket can be bought from the driver.

Among the alternative ways for how to get to Varna, you can note the train and bus. However, this option is not always convenient due to the large number of transfers on the route and the time spent. It is relevant only for tourists traveling from European cities.

Varna, Varna, Bulgaria Travel Guide

Things to do in Varna

Varna, as one of the most popular resorts on the Black Sea in Europe, can offer a very wide selection of activities and entertainment for every taste.

  • Beaches;

Varna has 6 city beaches. All of them are suitable for families with small children, the sea is calm, the entrance to the water is shallow, shallow on the shore, the water is clean and clear everywhere. As a rule, entry to the beaches is free, but you will have to pay extra for using a sun lounger and an umbrella. The beaches have all the necessary infrastructure from a cafe to changing cabins.

  • Diving;

Diving in Varna is a very popular activity. There are several diving centers in the city where you can rent equipment or undergo express training on independent diving.

  • Sights;

In Varna, you can have a great time visiting monuments, museums and ancient attractions. Among the main ones: the Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin, Boulevard of Prince Boris, the Archaeological Museum, Euxinograd, the summer royal residence, Stone Forest and others.

Varna, Varna, Bulgaria Travel Guide

  • Health wellness;

In Varna and its environs there are more than 10 springs with low-saline water, which is used for medicinal purposes. Also, local health resorts use healing mud from the nearby Varna Lake. Local health centers treat neuroses, migraines, hypertension, reproductive system disorders, as well as diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

  • Entertainment for children;

Varna also prepared some surprises for the children. For example, you can visit the Seaside Amusement Park, where your children can have fun all day at local attractions. You can also visit the Aquarium and, concurrently, the Black Sea Museum, which is over 100 years old. Also in Varna there is a zoo and a dolphinarium.