Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania, the economic and cultural center of the country. It is also the second largest city among the Baltic countries. Tourism, according to official statistics, is the main revenue source of the budget. Every year it is visited by thousands of tourists from all over the world. The tour programs invariably include a visit to the Old Town, which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Modern Vilnius is a cozy green city with a leisurely rhythm of life, which hospitably welcomes its guests.

Vilnius, Vilnius, Lithuania Travel Guide

Vilnius How to get there?

Tourists, whose vacation time is limited, choose the easiest and fastest way to get to Vilnius is by plane. Vilnius International Airport accepts regular flights from most European capitals and major cities of the world. The airport is only 7 km from the city, so you can easily get to the center by high-speed train, bus or taxi.

If you are traveling to Vilnius from Europe, then you can choose a bus or a train. However, this method will take more time on the road.

Vilnius, Vilnius, Lithuania Travel Guide

Sights in Vilnius

Vilnius is a medieval city with a unique atmosphere and rich cultural. Here people work, study and have fun. All the sights of the capital of Lithuania can be divided into those that are in the Old Town (Middle Ages), the buildings of the late 18th century, and of course the museums and galleries of the city.

The Old Town. This part of the city is located on the left bank of the Neris River. Here are the main attractions of the city. Today, this area is recognized by UNESCO as the largest historical architectural complex in Eastern Europe.

Vilnius, Vilnius, Lithuania Travel Guide

Also, in Vilnius, there are a huge number of old mansions, towers and religious buildings.

One of the main attractions of city is also considered to be the Ausross Gate, built in the middle of the 16th century. Once the city was surrounded by a stone fortress wall with ten gates, of which only these have survived.

Other interesting places to visit include:

  • Cathedral Square Vilnius
  • Gediminas Castle
  • Anne’s Cathedral
  • University of Vilnius
  • Castle Hill
  • Church of Peter and Paul in Vilnius
  • District Uzupis
  • Waterpark in Vilnius
  • Vilnius TV Tower
  • Genocide Victims Museum
  • Money Museum
  • Central Police Museum

Vilnius, Vilnius, Lithuania Travel Guide

Hotels in Vilnius

Hotels in Vilnius correspond to the European level, and prices here are lower than in most countries of Western Europe. Most hotels are housed in historic buildings and castles, and the rooms are individually designed. Many, even the most inexpensive hotels, will be decorated in the spirit of the chambers of the French kings.

Hotels in the Old Town area are the most expensive. To save money and guarantee yourself silence (in the Old Town is an active nightlife), you should move to the right bank of the river or settle in the areas of Naujamestis or Antaklnis.

In addition, in Vilnius, a large selection of apartments. Most often the price includes a breakfast, Wi-Fi and a tourist guide around the city.