Volendam is a small town in the northern part of the Netherlands. It is part of the municipality of Edam – Volendam and has one of the largest and oldest harbors in the country, built in 1357. Interestingly, once Volendam was a small fishing village, which today has turned into one of the most beautiful cities. Tourism began to develop here in the 19th century. The first hotel was built in 1881. Among his guests were the famous artists Picasso and Renoir, who painted their masterpieces here.

Volendam is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Netherlands even today. In some areas of the city, locals still wear national clothes, thus attracting more and more tourists. Traditional costumes are of great interest to both local and foreign tourists.

How to get to Volendam

Volendam is located just 20 km from Amsterdam, so it will be very easy to get here. The nearest airport to Volendam, you guessed it, is Schiphol Amsterdam Airport. After landing at the airport, you need to head to Amsterdam Central Station. From here, bus routes No. 110, 118, 312 and 316 leave daily for Volendam. A round-trip ticket costs about 12 EUR, the journey time is 30-40 minutes.

Volendam, Volendam, Netherlands Travel Guide

Public transport in Volendam is well developed, but it is expensive. The most popular form of transport is bicycle. Every 20-30 meters you can find a rental point. In addition, since Volendam is a small city, the bicycle becomes an ideal means of transportation. Finally, you can easily reach each place on foot.

Sights of Volendam

Because Volendam is a small city, all the main attractions are located very close to each other. Thus, tourists visiting the city can easily reach the most beautiful and unusual places in just one day. The first thing that strikes the city is its liveliness. Despite its small size, in the evenings there are many people on the embankment. The best restaurants and bars of the city are located here, and this place can definitely be called one of the first places that you need to visit in Volendam. It is always crowded and noisy on the Marina Volendam. It is like a visiting card of the city with characteristic colored houses and yachts, boats and fishing boats moored off the coast.

Among other no less interesting places, it may be noted:

  • Volendam-Marken Express ferry and boat trip;
  • Edam Cheese Market;
  • Fort Edam;
  • The Clog Experience;
  • Volendam Museum;
  • Edam Museum;
  • Alida Hoeve Cheese Farm & Wooden shoe factory.

Volendam, Volendam, Netherlands Travel Guide

Hotels in Volendam

Hotels in Volendam offer various accommodation options for every taste and budget. There are both luxury hotels in which great artists, actors, sportsmen and musicians have stayed, as well as quite budget hostels. In addition, the price depends on the location: the closer the hotel is to the center, the higher the price per room.