Warsaw, the capital of Poland, is perhaps one of the few European capitals that has survived many shocks and destruction during its long history. However, fortunately, the city was constantly being restored and thus preserved monuments from each era.

Warsaw cannot be called a huge metropolis; the population of the city is only slightly more than 2 million people. But here it is great to spend a vacation with family or friends, walking along the narrow streets of the old town or along the embankment of the Vistula River. And even despite the catastrophic destruction after the Second World War, the main attractions and the appearance of the city was restored using drawings and sketches of the 16th and 17th centuries.

How to get to Warsaw?

Warsaw is at the very center of all European routes. Therefore, you can get here in several ways easily and quickly, especially from Europe.

By plane. This is the easiest and fastest way to get to the capital of Poland. Warsaw Chopin Airport daily receives flights from most European cities.

From the airport you can reach the city center by taxi in 10 minutes. In addition, it is possible to use the bus. Buses No. 175 and 188 provide direct connections between the airport and the city center. Alternatively, you can take the S2 train. Tickets for trains and buses cost about 1 euro.

Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland Travel Guide

By train. Warsaw Central Railway Station serves European trains from Nice, Paris, Vienna, Sofia, Belgrade, Prague, Minsk, Moscow and more.

By bus. This is the cheapest but also the longest way to get to Warsaw. Bus stations in the capital serve buses from all European destinations daily.

Sights of Warsaw

Most of the sights in Warsaw is located in the Old Town. And perhaps one of the main ones is the Royal Palace on Castle Square. It has become a kind of symbol of the city. However, take a moment to visit the museum inside the palace. Here is an interesting exhibition telling about the life of Polish nobility in the Middle Ages.

Other than this, you could also visit:

  • Frederic Chopin Museum
  • Copernicus Science Center
  • Palace of Culture and Science
  • Museum of the Warsaw Uprising
  • Cracow suburb
  • Lazienki Park complex
  • House-Museum of Maria Curie

Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland Travel Guide

Hotels in Warsaw

Warsaw is a city with many hotels and accommodation options. The best and most expensive hotels are located near the Old Town and the Central Train Station. There are also many mid-range hotels in the city. Those who wish to save even more can stay at the hostel.

In addition, Warsaw has a lot of offers for renting apartments. This option is ideal for those who visit the city with a large family or a group of friends and want to stay in the capital for a few days.