Let us tell you about an unusual place where forests, rocks and wildlife meet and coexist. This place is Wulingyuan in China. With its green and natural beauty, it literally conquers the hearts of those who have been there. The place that will be discussed today is the incredible part of the world that can make a person feel free as a bird. If you plan to spend your vacation in a place like this, just keep reading. Below we will tell you how to get to Wulingyuan / China, what place it is and what hotel to choose.

Wulingyuan, Wulingyuan China

Wulingyuan China How to Get There?

In order to see Wulingyuan, you need to fly to China. The mountains are located in Hunan Province in Zhangjiajie National Park. Near the park is the city of the same name. Here you should to go to visit the mountains. This can be done by bus, train or direct flights from other Chinese cities and provinces. Direct flights to China are carried out from more than 30 countries of the world: Korea, France, Germany, Israel, Egypt and others.

Wulingyuan, Wulingyuan China

Information about Wulingyuan China

As mentioned earlier, the mountains are located in the province of Hunan in northwest China. The national park in which the mountains are located is an ideal place for those who love outdoor activities. The surrounding landscapes are striking in their beauty and power: rocks, lakes, rivers, caves, slopes and peaks. It has everything you need to feel a union with nature.

The Wulingyuan mountains have the shape of pillars that rise to the sky. The mountains were listed as a natural heritage in 1992 and in the World Geo Park in 2002. It is said that the local landscapes were among those that inspired the director of the film “Avatar” to create soaring mountains of the planet Pandora. Now you also have the opportunity to see this unique scenic view.

Wulingyuan, Wulingyuan China

Zhangjiajie Park is also a wonderful natural landmark. This is one of the most famous national parks in China. Located on an area of 26,000 hectares, this natural wonder is home to many endangered plant and animal species. More than 3 thousand quartz sandstones have been preserved in this area.

Since 1999, due to increased trade and wear and tear, local authorities have announced a decision to protect the property of the world’s natural heritage. The natural park in which the Wulingyuan Mountains are located has about 500 employees working in the field of care, control and protection of the park. In the park there are also museums and hotels for tourists, created by the Chinese state. In other words, the Chinese state is doing everything possible to preserve this natural beauty and pass it on to future generations.

Wulingyuan China Accommodation

If you’re looking for a hotel near Wulingyuan and discover China’s unique natural wonders, here are some tips.

Crowne Plaza Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan: It has clean rooms, free parking and Wi-Fi.

Wulingyuan, Wulingyuan China

Son Ruffin Resort: The hotel looks like a miniature Great Chinese Wall. Due to its interesting architecture, the hotel causes the greatest interest among guests.

Pogio di Son Ruffino: The hotel offers beautiful views of the two-story rooms with a pool and a bedroom on the top floor.