Yakutiye Medrese is one of the unique examples of architecture of the 13th century, preserved to this day. Since the first day of its existence, the building of the Medrese has been used as a theological school. Since 1994, the Museum of Turkish-Islamic Works and Ethnography has been opened here. This is the only such museum in Erzurum. It is of great interest and importance in terms of culture and history of Turkey.

History of Yakutiye Medrese

Yakutiye Medrese is located right in the center of Erzurum. The building of the religious school was built in 1310 by order of Hoca Celalaeddin Yakut, the Mongol governor who ruled this land.

Black basalt was chosen as the main material for construction. It is a lightweight, but durable and easily treatable stone. The building of the Madrasa has the shape of a rectangle, inside is a small courtyard. Terraces overlook the courtyard; they are located the entrances to the small rooms where students lived. The main gate was framed on both sides by high towers, of which only the right one was preserved. The left was destroyed by an earthquake in the 18th century. Now in its place is a small tower, which was added during the reconstruction.

Yakutiye Medrese, Yakutiye Medrese / Erzurum, Turkey

Today, the Museum of Islam and Ethnography is open in the building of the Madrasa. Among the exhibits of the museum you can see:

  • Hall with women’s and men’s clothing and decorations;
  • Hall of weapons and military supplies;
  • Hall of weaving;
  • Ceramics, coins, carpets, folk art and much more.

The museum is open daily from 8 am to 5 pm.

How to get to Yakutiye Medrese?

Getting to Yakutiye Medrese is very easy. If you are traveling from abroad, it will be more convenient for you to do it on an airplane. The nearest airport is located just 20 minutes from the city center. However, it only serves domestic flights, so you need to make a transfer in Istanbul or Ankara.

Also, you can get to Erzurum by car from the bus station of any Turkish city. Buses to Erzurum depart every hour every day. Of course, this journey will take you more time. However, on the way you will be able to see the most beautiful views and landscapes.

Yakutiye Medrese Address: Lalapasa Mahallesi, 25200. You can get here by public transport or taxi.

Yakutiye Medrese, Yakutiye Medrese / Erzurum, Turkey

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Yakutiye Medrese, Yakutiye Medrese / Erzurum, Turkey

Nearest restaurants to Yakutiye Medrese

In the center of the city, where Yakutiye Medrese is located, there is no shortage of good restaurants and cafes. You can choose from the list or find yourself the nearest restaurant to the Medrese:

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