Yeni Han, located in the center of Manisa, is one of the most important historical buildings in the city. This building is an excellent example of how antiquity can perfectly fit into modernity. Once the building was used as a caravanserai, where travelers and traders could spend the night, eat and relax. Today, here is the cultural and shopping center of the city, where citizens and guests of Manisa love to spend time.

History of Yeni Han

Turkish historians did not manage to find exact information about when exactly Yeni Han’s caravanserai was built. However, it is known for certain that this happened in the period from 1825 to 1830 on the orders of Vizier Haci Mehmet Sadik Bey.

The construction plan included a two-storey rectangular building with a courtyard. On the first floor there were places for animals, on the second – rooms for people. Rooms on the lower floor overlook the courtyard, and rooms on the upper floor – on a small terrace, on three sides of the caravanserai.

Yeni Han, Yeni Han / Manisa, Turkey

In 2001, restoration work began in the caravansary, and they ended in 2004. Today, Yeni Han is the cultural and commercial center of Manisa. There are many shops, cafes and restaurants. Here you can buy jewelry, souvenirs, ceramics, wood products, clothing and much more. In addition, in local cafes and restaurants you can try the national Turkish desserts and real Turkish coffee made on the sand. Yeni Han is open daily from 8 am to midnight.

How to get to Yeni Han?

Caravanserai Yeni Han is located in the center of Manisa and it is very easy to get here. You can do this both by taxi and public transport. Directly opposite the caravanserai is the bus stop of Dr. Sadik Ahmet Caddesi. You can get here by bus numbers 1, 6 and 7.

You can get to Manisa by car, taxi or bus. The nearest airport to the city is Adnan Menderes in Aydin. From here to Manisa is only an hour away. In addition, passenger buses from most of the major Turkish cities depart daily to Manisa.

Yeni Han, Yeni Han / Manisa, Turkey

Nearest hotels to Yeni Han

Manisa has a large selection of hotels for every taste and budget. There are many hotels in the vicinity of Yeni Han that you can choose as your vacation destination in Turkey. Among them:

  • Giritligil Otel
  • Hotel Arma
  • My Rezidans Hotel Residence
  • Orucoglu Oreko Otel
  • Buyuk Saruhan Hotel
  • DovsOtel

Yeni Han, Yeni Han / Manisa, Turkey

Nearest restaurants to Yeni Han

If during your visit to Yeni Han Caravanserai you get tired and hungry, you will not need to go far to find a restaurant or cafe. Right in the caravansary building there are quite a lot of them for every taste. Do not leave the caravansary without tasting the famous Turkish dessert Pistachio Atom (Fistikli Atom) and real Turkish coffee made on the sand.

  • Litany Restaurant
  • Manisa Spor Kebapcisi
  • Balik Keyfi Manisa
  • Cerentur Restaurant & Cafe
  • Sir Winston Uncubozkoy
  • Ali Baba Kagit Kofte
  • Palandoken Cag kebabi
  • Revna