Zeki Muren is a famous artist, composer, poet and musician of Turkey of the 20th century. In his own house in Mugla, the Zeki Muren Arts Museum was opened, displaying his collections of paintings and objects of art, personal concert costumes and items.

Zeki Muren is of great importance for Turkish culture. He is known to several generations who know and love his music, poems and songs. He was an outstanding artist who made an enormous contribution to the development of Turkish classical music.

The arts museum was opened to visitors in 2000. The famous musician spent his last years in this house. Throughout the year, many tourists come here. Basically, this is of course the Turks, but there are also foreigners who are interested in the country’s culture. More than 100 thousand people visit the museum annually.

History of Zeki Muren Arts Museum

Zeki Muren Arts Museum is located in a house that belonged to the famous artist. The artist died on September 24, 1996. And already on June 8, 2000, the Ministry of Culture restored the house of Zeki Muren and subsequently opened it to the public as a museum.

Zeki Muren Arts Museum, Zeki Muren Arts Museum / Mugla, Turkey

The house of the famous artist has two floors and a garden. Zeki Muren himself used only the first floor of the house, and therefore the Ministry of Culture left the interior and personal items here as it was during the life of the artist. On the second floor there is a museum where objects of the collections belonging to the artist are displayed. Thus, museum visitors have the opportunity to get closer acquainted not only with the artist’s work, but also to feel the conditions of his life in full.

How to get to Zeki Muren Arts Museum?

Zeki Muren Arts Museum is located in the Turkish province of Mugla, in the Bodrum district. From the center of Mugla to Bodrum you can get by bus, dolmus (minibus) or taxi. The travel time will be just over an hour. You can also rent a car in the center of Mugla. There are many rental points here, so if you have international driver’s license, this is a great option.

The nearest airport to Bodrum is Milas-Bodrum Airport. It also accepts international flights. A separate advantage can be considered the fact that many low-cost companies are served here. This means that you have a great opportunity to save money. Daily flights from Bulgaria, England, the Netherlands, Azerbaijan, Poland, Russia, Denmark, Belgium and other countries land here.

Zeki Muren Arts Museum, Zeki Muren Arts Museum / Mugla, Turkey

From the airport you can take a taxi or use the shuttle. Travel time to the Zeki Muren Arts Museum will take no more than half an hour.

Museum address: Kumbahce Mahallesi, Zeki Muren Cd. N: 11 Bodrum / Mugla

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Near the museum there are many different hotels for every taste and budget. Otherwise it simply cannot be, because Bodrum is one of the most popular resorts in Turkey. Among them:

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Zeki Muren Arts Museum, Zeki Muren Arts Museum / Mugla, Turkey

Nearest restaurants to Zeki Muren Arts Museum

After visiting the Zeki Muren Arts Museum, you probably want to relax and have something to eat. You can do this in one of the nearest restaurants or cafes.

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