If you are looking for camping in Turkey, where there is the purest air and beautiful views, then we advise you to take a closer look at the Kazdaglari Hizir Camp. It is one of the few campgrounds in the country, which is located high in the mountains a few minutes’ walk from the borders of the National Park Kazdaglari.

Kazdaglari Hizir camp offers its guests an excellent outdoor recreation with the opportunity to take part in various festivals that take place here annually.

How to get to Kazdaglari Hizir Camp / Balikesir?

Kazdaglari Hizir camp is located in the Turkish province of Balikesir, 25 km from the city center of Edremit. The easiest and fastest way to get to the camp, especially for those tourists who travel from abroad, is flight. The nearest airport to the camp is located 8 km from Edermit, this is Balikesir Koca Seyit Airport. Daily it serves dozens of domestic flights. Unfortunately, you can only get here with a transfer in Istanbul, as there are no direct international flights here yet. In just 10 minutes you can reach the center of Edremit from the airport. And from the city center, taking a mini-bass, you easily get to the campsite.

Kazdaglari Hizir Camp, Kazdaglari Hizir Camp / Balikesir

Another alternative could be a large and comfortable intercity bus. In Turkey, there are many different transport companies that operate in the field of passenger transportation. You can easily go to the camp from any bus station in the Turkish city. The roads in the country are excellent, which means that you will have an exciting trip. The Edremit ve Akcay bus station, located in Edremit, is the last stop leading to the camp.

Information about Kazdaglari Hizir Camp / Balikesir

Kazdaglari Hizir camp is a great place for those who like to rest in the open air alone with nature. The campsite is located in a picturesque place at the foot of the mountains in the Kirsilik valley. The camp welcomes guests all year round. It has everything you need for a comfortable stay. There are different types of accommodation in the camp, and the place for tents is limited. Therefore, we strongly recommend booking a place in advance, especially in the high tourist season. This camp is ideal for families, including children. There is parking, shower, toilet, electricity, cafes, dining areas and areas for recreation. A mountain stream flows through the camp, where you can swim. In addition to a great stay at the campsite, you can also take part in various activities organized by the camp staff. Among them:

  • Various festivals in the summer season (e.g. yoga festival),
  • Hiking,
  • Visiting natural attractions,
  • Cycling tours,
  • Jeep safari
  • Excursions to Kazdaglari National Park and much more.

Kazdaglari Hizir Camp, Kazdaglari Hizir Camp / Balikesir

Where to stay in Kazdaglari Hizir Camp / Balikesir?

Kazdaglari Hizir camp offers several accommodation options. Among them: tents, tree houses and stone and wooden bungalows. Those who stay in the bungalows can order two meals a day (breakfast + dinner). Please note that camp staff does not provide tent rental. Tree houses are a great option for accommodating 2-3 people in the summer season. They are comfortable and equipped with comfortable beds, bedside tables and electricity. Wooden and stone bungalows are suitable for recreation at any time of the year. Inside these bungalows there is a personal shower and toilet.

Kazdaglari Hizir Camp, Kazdaglari Hizir Camp / Balikesir

As for the prices in the Kazdaglari Hizir camp, the price list is as follows:

  • Tent – 125 TL (about $21)
  • Tree House – 175 TL (about $29)
  • Stone and wooden bungalows – 250 TL (about $41)

Only cash accepted!

Please note that prices may vary depending on the season. For more current pricing information, please contact the camp staff.