Sziget Music Festival in Budapest is the largest cultural event in Europe. The magnitude of this event is so huge that the festival takes the 5th place in the world by the mass of guests and participants. Every year, 7 days a year, people from different parts of the world meet to listen to great music and participate in various events. And Budapest, as a hospitable host, welcomes guests from all over the world.

Sziget Music Festival is a unique opportunity to meet your musical idols, make new friends and have a great time. Sziget is more than a festival. This is a huge space filled with music, art, freedom and love for each other and our planet.

How to get to Sziget Music Festival?

The Sziget Music Festival is held annually in Budapest, the capital of Hungary, in a picturesque location on the island of Obuda. So, how to get to Sziget? There are several options:

From Liszt Ferenc Airport, where most of the international flights to Budapest arrive. From here, there are direct flights of shuttle buses, which you can easily get to the festival. Buses will operate on this route in both directions (from the airport to the festival site and back) throughout the entire festival period. Travel by shuttle is free for those tourists who have Budapest City pass.

Sziget Music Festival, Sziget Music Festival in Budapest

By train. This option is suitable for those traveling in Europe or sent to the festival from nearby cities. From the train station you can take a tram or subway to transfer to the city train and get to the festival. Your final stop should be Filatorigat.

Information about Sziget Music Festival

Sziget Music Festival in Budapest has been held since 1993. And every year the number of guests and participants is constantly increasing. The festival has long gained great popularity and fame, both among musicians and among guests of the festival.

Sziget is more than just a festival. Every year, the organizers give a chance to young and talented performers to show themselves at the festival. In addition to art and music, the main idea of ​​the festival is to take care of the world around us, freedom, love and development. The festival organizers insist that the strength of the diversity of people can make our world a better place.

Sziget Music Festival, Sziget Music Festival in Budapest

Sziget is held annually in early August. The festival is attended by world performers and musicians from around the world, such as Radiohead, Franz Ferdinand, Scissor Sisters, Placebo and Rasmus, and many-many others.

The festival lasts 7 days, the price of the ticket depends on how many days you plan to spend here. Ticket price ranges from 75 Euro to 350 Euro.

Sziget Music Festival provides transfer, camping and other services for guests with disabilities.

On the territory of the festival there is free Wi-Fi, lockers (they must be booked in advance), bicycle parking, camping, hotels, cafes and restaurants, recreation areas and much more.

Sziget Music Festival, Sziget Music Festival in Budapest

Where to stay in Sziget Music Festival?

The Sziget Music Festival provides many accommodation options. Among them are several types of camping, glamping, caravan camping. On the territory of the festival there are several campgrounds: family, eco, VIP, and many others. Each of these campgrounds provides several accommodation options where you can stay: from tents to small bungalows. Each campsite is equipped with everything necessary for comfortable living: showers, toilets, electricity, fridges, a kitchen, children’s play areas, and more. For those who have not taken a tent with them, the camping staff will be happy to rent tents, sleeping bags, mats, inflatable mattresses and blankets.