Different peoples and civilizations once lived on the territory of modern Turkey. Many of them have left their historical mark in the form of architectural monuments, fortresses and stone tombs. A unique example of the latter is the Ahlat Selcuk Tomb.

The tombs are considered one of the earliest Islamic tombs of the Selcuk-Ottoman period. To date, it is included in the temporary list of UNESCO World Heritage, with a high probability of inclusion in the main list.

History of Ahlat Selcuk Tombs

Research and archaeological work in the middle of the Ahlat Selcuk Tombs show that the tombs are about 4,000 years old. In addition, the age of some gravestones refers to a later period.

The tombs are located under the open sky on an area of ​​about 850 hectares. There are about 1,400 tombs in total. The largest tombstone is 3.5 meters high and they are all made of stone. Each tomb has inscriptions and decorations in the form of patterns or images of animals carved in stone.

Ahlat Selcuk Tombs, Ahlat Selcuk Tombs / Bitlis, Turkey

In terms of historical significance, the tombs are of great importance. Therefore, first, they show how the burial rite was combined with the cultural traditions of early Islam.

In 1966, the first modern restoration works were started, during which stone tombs were cleaned so that the inscriptions could be read. Some works continue to this day.

How to get to Ahlat Selcuk Tombs

Ahlat Selcuk Tombs are located in the immediate vicinity of the western shore of Van Lake, in the province of Bitlis. From the city center to the tombs, the journey takes about 50 minutes. The most convenient way to get here is by private car, or you can take a taxi from Bitlis.

In addition, you can also take a minibus on the route to Ahlat. The nearest bus stop is Iki Kubbe Mahallesi.

Ahlat Selcuk Tombs, Ahlat Selcuk Tombs / Bitlis, Turkey

Nearest hotels to Ahlat Selcuk Tombs

Near Ahlat Selcuk Tombs, there is a choice of hotels. However, if you can’t imagine your holiday without luxurious rooms, you will have to go to the neighboring major cities of Bitlis and Tatvan. It is not too far from Ahlat; travel time will be about 20-40 minutes.

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  • The Crater Hotel
  • Karaman Otel
  • Tatvan Kardelen Otel
  • Park Hotel
  • Tasar Royal Hotel

Ahlat Selcuk Tombs, Ahlat Selcuk Tombs / Bitlis, Turkey

Nearest restaurants to Ahlat Selcuk Tombs

As for the nearest restaurants and cafes to Ahlat Selcuk Tombs, then the situation is much better. A huge choice of places and dishes on the menu will not leave any tourist hungry. At the same time, all restaurants and cafes offer their services at very reasonable prices.

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