When planning a vacation in Alanya, have you ever thought about what can make your vacation truly relaxing? In addition to the excellent beaches and the noise of the coastal waves of the Mediterranean Sea, an Alanya hammam tour (Turkish baths) will help you to completely relax. In Alanya, there are many diverse activities for every age and taste, but only visiting Turkish baths can give a real feeling of bliss. After all, baths are not only about cleansing and caring for your own body, but also quality massage, getting rid of stress and just having fun with your loved ones over a cup of fragrant Turkish tea.

How to get to Alanya Hammam?

In order to get to the Alanya hammam you do not need special knowledge or skills. If you love independent travel, then you take any hammam to your taste and go to meet real relaxation. If you feel that you need the help of a guide or a transfer, then you can buy a ready-made tour at any of the travel agencies of the city. As a rule, such tours include transfer, guide services and one type of massage.

Alanya hammam, Alanya hammam

What are the features and benefits of Alanya hammam?

Turkish baths are not like other types of baths. There are no wooden sunbeds and burning steam. All surfaces in the main hall are made of marble and are themselves a source of heat. The temperature in the hammam does not rise above 50 degrees, but the humidity can reach 100%. This temperature is easily tolerated, helps to relax and forget about all the worries. The Turks themselves say, “Going into the hammam, you get into another world.” It really is. In the bath, you begin to feel both time, body and soul, as time stops, and all the problems and stresses are left behind.

We advise you to visit the hammam on an empty stomach – this will help the body to completely relax, and you will be protected from a feeling of heaviness and nausea. In addition, try not to plan special events after visiting the hamam, so that you do not have to rush anywhere.

Alanya hammam, Alanya hammam

Steam and gentle heat help improve the condition of the skin of the face and body. The low temperatures of the hammam do not dry the skin and hair, which means they protect against premature aging.

During a visit to the Alanya hammam, your blood circulation improves and your metabolism speeds up. Warm stones and professional massage complete the relaxing effect. By the way, in different baths there can be different massages, but the most basic is foamy (done during the procedure) and with aromatic oils (after the procedure). As a rule, massage is related to additional services and are paid separately.

Remember that any skin disease is a contraindication for a Turkish bath.