One of the most famous resort cities in Turkey is Fethiye. It is often called the Turkish Riviera on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Fethiye, like other famous resorts in the region, is located in the province of Mugla.

Fethiye is like a fairy tale. Those who come here for the first time are fascinated by the views of a long, uninterrupted strip of beaches, turquoise lagoons and parked yachts.

In addition to the beautiful nature of Fethiye offers a rich excursion program on ancient and natural attractions. Tourists can sunbathe on Cleopatra’s beach, take a walk in the Valley of the Butterflies or visit the island of giant turtles.

Fethiye, Fethiye, Turkey Travel Guide

Every year thousands of tourists come here, and every year their flow increases. This is perhaps one of the most reliable admissions that Fethiye is one of the best resorts not only in Turkey, but also in the world. Fethiye is not only sea, sand and sun, but also interesting historical sights, as well as shopping, entertainment and of course excellent Turkish cuisine.

Fethiye How to get there?

Fethiye is a popular tourist destination, especially in the summer season. Therefore, to get here is not a big deal. The nearest airport to Fethiye is Dalaman Airport. It accepts both local and international flights. On average, a flight from the European part of the world takes 3-4 hours. Dalaman Airport is only 60 km from Fethiye. You can get to the city by bus or taxi.

In addition, in the airport terminal you can rent a car. This option is most preferable, as it gives you the freedom of movement and the opportunity to visit many interesting places for a short period of vacation.

Fethiye, Fethiye, Turkey Travel Guide

Information about Fethiye

Fethiye is famous for its bays and beaches, but also has a great historical heritage left over from ancient times. Every tourist, regardless of personal tastes, will find here a holiday of interest. The sun and the beach for lovers of a relaxing holiday by the sea. Water sports such as diving, rafting, water skiing, surfing or sailing for those who love danger or just want to try something new. Sightseeing tourism for those who are interested in history or loves active walks in nature. Be sure, in order to explore at least a small part of the sights of Fethiye you will need several days. Make your own holiday plan in Fethiye. And in order to somehow help you with this, the most interesting sights of Fethiye are listed below, which you can include in your guide.

  • Yeni Etap Hiking Trail
  • Calis Beach
  • Cordon Fethiye
  • Old Town Paspatur
  • Asiklar Tepesi Hill
  • Rock Tombs Amintas
  • Ruins of Kayakoy
  • Afkule Monastery
  • Tourist village of Hisaronu
  • Oludeniz Resort
  • Butterfly Valley
  • Resort area Faralya
  • Lycian way
  • Karaagac Alinca Village
  • Ancient city of Pinara
  • Saklikent National Park
  • Recreational Center Gizli Kent
  • The ancient city of Tlos
  • Yesil Uzumlu Village (Green Grapes)
  • Ancient city of Kadyanda

Fethiye, Fethiye, Turkey Travel Guide

In addition, in Fethiye, you can visit any of the 12 islands, Saklikent Canyon, Cennet Bay, Gunluklu Bay and Katrandci Bay.

Hotels in Fethiye

Fethiye offers its visitors a variety of accommodation options. In the city center and near the main tourist areas there are also offers from hotels, hostels and apartments. Price categories, as well as the number of stars at hotels are different, so that a tourist with any budget size can choose the appropriate option. The closer to the sea, the higher the price per room.

Fethiye, Fethiye, Turkey Travel Guide

In addition, in Fethiye there are many areas for camping, tent cities and motorhomes. There you can also stay in a bungalow or mini-hotel.