Our world stores quite a few interesting places that you may not have seen yet. Among such places, there are natural attractions, ancient monuments and religious buildings. Also among them, there are excellent examples of how people embody their dreams and talents. We talk about Portmeirion Village located in North Wales in the UK. Read more to find out about this place, how to get there and where to stay nearby.

How to get to Portmeirion Village

Portmeirion village is located in the administrative district of Gwyneth in North Wales. The nearest major airports are located in Liverpool (travel time to the village will be a little more than 2 hours) and in Birmingham (about 3 hours). From airports, you can get with bus transfers or rent a car. There are several rental desks at the airport terminal.

Portmeirion Village, Portmeirion Village, Wales (UK) Travel Guide

It is much easier to get to the village by train, as in the UK this transport is very well developed. The nearest train station to Portmeirion is Minford Railway Station. From here you can easily reach the village by buses No. 1S, 2, 3B, 38, 39.

Information about Portmeirion Village

Portmeirion is a tourist village that attracts thousands of tourists every year. On its territory, there are quaint colorful houses, shops and even a luxury hotel. The history of the creation of the village is a great example of what can happen if you follow your dream and talent.

Portmeirion Village, Portmeirion Village, Wales (UK) Travel Guide

In 1925, Sir Clough Williamson – Alison bought land off the coast and began step by step to create his own village. Her style resembles a Mediterranean town, which looks quite unusual in the climatic conditions of North Wales. The richly decorated gardens, statues, pools and Italian architecture of the houses attract the attention of tourists. The village built on the hills looks like a toy, since all the buildings were built in a reduced form. The author as a tourist attraction conceived the village since its construction.

Williams-Ellis’s daughter built a traditional pottery workshop in the village in the 1960s. It still works and makes clay souvenirs, which are sold in souvenir shops in the village.

Portmeirion Village, Portmeirion Village, Wales (UK) Travel Guide

Hotels in Portmeirion Village

Here are a few hotels in Portmeirion Village and the surrounding area where you can stay in comfort.

Portmeirion Village & Castel Deudraeth: It is a luxury hotel with great views, a swimming pool, relaxation terraces and cozy rooms with a fireplace.

Aberdunant Hall Country Hotel: The architecture of the hotel exactly matches the style of the village. The hotel welcomes guests all year round and provides free Wi-Fi and breakfast. Parking and airport shuttle services are also available upon request.