Abant is another beautiful natural park in Turkey. The park received its name from the lake of the same name, located in it and being its main sight. The park is located just 18 km from the town of Mudurnu in the province of Bolu. Lake Abant was formed several thousand years ago due to a landslide. Its area is about 12 hectares. Lake Abant is one of the most beautiful lakes in Turkey. Here there is fresh water, and the average depth is about 20 meters. Thousands of local and foreign tourists come here every year to be alone with nature and take a break from the hustle and bustle of big cities.

The lake is surrounded by forests, in which there are different types of animals and birds. The total area of ​​the park is about 1,150 hectares. Thanks to the natural beauty of the lake and its surroundings, the cleanest air and diverse flora and fauna, in 1988 this area was endowed with the status of a natural park taken under state protection.

Abant How to get there?

There is no airport in Bolu, but you can use the nearest airports in Istanbul, Ankara and Bursa. All of them serve both local and international flights. From the airport you can get to Abant by rented car or tourist bus, following the route to Bolu.

For those traveling by car, the D-100 highway is open, the journey time from Istanbul is 3 hours, and from Ankara – 2 hours.

Abant, Abant, National Natural Park in Turkey

Buses: the bus station in Bolu is located just one kilometer from the center, there are various companies of private carriers and public buses.

From the center of Bolu to Abant, the road takes an average of 40 minutes, and the distance to it is 35 km.

Information about Abant

Lake Abant is perhaps the most popular natural sight in Bolu. The park and the lake in it, as the heart of the natural life of unique beauty, creates a truly spectacular image. In the natural park and its surroundings there are also other interesting places that you can visit. We have compiled for you a short list of the most interesting sights in Abant.

  • Ormeci Yaylasi (Ormeci Plateau)
  • Abant Dogal Yasam Muzesi (Abant Wildlife Museum)
  • Sinekli Yaylasi (Sinekli Plateau)
  • Yildirim Beyazit Camii (Yildirim Beyazit Mosque)
  • Suleyman Pasa Camii (Suleyman Pasha Mosque)
  • Sarachane Camii (Sarachane Mosque)
  • Aksemseddin Turbesi (Tomb of Aksemseddin)
  • Orta Hamam (Turkish Bath Orta)
  • Yildirim Beyazit Hamami (Turkish bath Yildirim Beyazit)

Abant, Abant, National Natural Park in Turkey

There is a walking path about 5 km long around Lake Abant. This trail is ideal for hiking and horseback riding, as well as biking and quad biking. You can also ride a phaeton or boat on the lake. You can go fishing, have a picnic, relax in the campsite, and in the winter go skating on the natural ice rink on the lake.

Hotels in Abant

On the shores of the lake there are several hotels, bars and even restaurants with Turkish cuisine. Hotels offer a variety of accommodation options from budget to luxury rooms.

Abant, Abant, National Natural Park in Turkey

Abant is a great place for a comfortable stay. Local hotels can offer their guests a swimming pool, tennis courts and a spa center, and of course, a beautiful view from the window of the lake and the forest. On the other hand, there are more budget hotels for those who want to save money. These hotels are located on the lake shore and offer excellent service and views. In addition, accommodation in a tent camp is also available in Abant.