Akhan Caravanserai is located in the Turkish province of Denizli. The building is one of the most beautiful examples of the Seljuk architecture. This is one of the last surviving caravanserais on the Great Silk Road in the west of Anatolia.

Akhan Caravanserai is located in a picturesque place at the entrance to the city of Denizli within the boundaries of the village of Akhan. This is a unique building, where in the 13 centuries, merchants, travelers and their cattle rested from a long road, survived to this day. In the period from 2005 to 2008, restoration work was carried out in Caravanserai. Today the Caravanserai is an open-air museum, in which, as in the 13th century, you can stay for the night and have a snack.

History of Akhan Caravanserai

Akhan Caravanserai immediately attracts attention with a snow-white frontal wall with gates from the main entrance. The smooth masonry of the caravanserai gives it the appearance of a medieval castle.

The building has a rectangular shape and consists of a courtyard and a hall. The construction of the caravanserai was completed in two stages: in 1253 – a closed hall, in 1254 – a courtyard.

The total area of ​​the caravanserai is 1100 square meters.

Akhan Caravanserai, Akhan Caravanserai / Denizli, Turkey

Akhan Caravanserai is richly decorated with stone bas-reliefs, in which you can easily recognize the figures of a deer, a sphinx, a lion, an eagle and a dragon. In some parts of the caravanserai you can see the decor of carved stone. The south and west facades were entirely made of marble.

Today in Caravanserai, like the merchants of the 13th century, you can rest and eat. Right in the caravanserai building there is a hotel and a restaurant.

How to get to Akhan Caravanserai?

Getting to Caravanserai is quite simple. It is just 10 minutes from the city center of Denizli. You can get to Akhan Caravanserai by public transport or taxi.

Denizli Airport is located just 10 minutes from the city. However, it only serves domestic flights. Therefore, if you are traveling from abroad, choose flights with a stopover in Istanbul or Ankara.

Akhan Caravanserai, Akhan Caravanserai / Denizli, Turkey

Nearest hotels to Akhan Caravanserai

The excellent news for you will be that inside the caravanserai building there is already a hotel. So, you do not have to suffer a long search for housing. However, if for some reason, this hotel does not suit you, look at the short list of other nearby hotels to Akhan Caravanserai:

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Akhan Caravanserai, Akhan Caravanserai / Denizli, Turkey

Nearest restaurants to Akhan Caravanserai

Inside the Akhan Caravanserai building there is a restaurant where you can taste the dishes and drinks of the national Turkish cuisine. All other nearby restaurants to the caravanserai are located in the city of Denizli. Among them:

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