Hamburg is Germany’s largest city after Berlin. In addition, a large port city, the history and development of which is firmly connected with the Elbe River and the North Sea. The history of the city has about 1200 years; it is an important shopping center for Central and Northern Europe.

In addition to economic achievements, Hamburg boasts a scientific, social and, of course, cultural development. Every year, millions of tourists from all over the world come here to take a boat ride on the lake, to walk along the canal embankments and in city parks. Besides a wide excursion program, the city also offers its guests active entertainment day and night. Read about it in our Hamburg Entertainment Guide below.

Hamburg Festivals

Tourists from all over the world love Hamburg thanks to not only a wide excursion program, but also a large selection of entertainment. City festivals are held here regularly and are dedicated to a variety of topics. Therefore, everyone can find entertainment to taste in the independence of age and personal preference. Here are just some of the biggest festivals in Hamburg.

  • Hamburg DOM – held 3 times a year: in spring, summer and autumn. This grand event is considered the most fun and colorful fair in Germany. This festival is especially loved by tourists, as it is a great opportunity to plunge into German culture and participate in festivities.Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany
  • Carnival Maskenzauber an der Alster – end of January. During the festival, carnival costumed processions, theatrical and musical performances take place in the city streets.
  • Reepherbahn Music Festival – September. During the festival, musical performances take place not only on street stages, but also in clubs, bars and even restaurants. In addition, the city hosts film screenings, exhibitions and seminars on topical issues for young people.

In addition, Hamburg also hosts a jazz festival, exhibitions and ship races, a rock festival, a food festival, fish fairs and much more. Each event offers its guests and participants excellent and vibrant entertainment.

Hamburg Nightlife

Hamburg’s nightlife is widely known even outside of Germany. Locals and tourists know a lot about entertainment; love popular and high-quality music have an excellent sense of humor and rhythm. At the same time, the choice of entertainment is so great that anyone can find something suitable for him personally. There are galleries, cafes and bars, nightclubs and dance floors, public spaces and movie theaters and much more.

Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany

Most of the best entertainment venues are located in the Saint Pauli district on Neustadt and Altona streets. Here you will find various bars and nightclubs. The most popular area among locals is the area north of the Reeperbahn quarter. Art galleries and cafes are concentrated here, where locals like to spend evenings.

The Cascadas Bar is another place where you can spend a pleasant night. Various music groups play live concerts here on Tuesdays and Saturdays. The bar also organizes great cocktail parties.