When someone talks about vacation, we all think about the same thing: the sea, sand, sun, beach, sunbeds. If you want to spend an unusual, interesting and unforgettable vacation, you can do it in the Las Vegas, Nevada. Holidays can be dynamic and quite unlike others, you can spend a vacation in a city that has a lot of fun and lights. We recommend a holiday in Las Vegas, in the city of dreams. Time passes faster here than anywhere else in the world. So, what are you waiting for, if you like nightlife and unlimited entertainment?

Las Vegas, Nevada, Las Vegas, Nevada Holiday Guide / USA

Las Vegas, Nevada / USA How to Get There?

From many major cities you can fly to Las Vegas either directly or using the 20-hour flight to McCarran airport in Las Vegas with a stopover in Chicago. The airport is very close to the city. You can easily find a taxi to explore the city’s attractions. Traffic is not considered heavy during the day. If you use your personal car, you can easily find a place to Park. But after midnight it is better to avoid moving around the city by car, as the traffic on the city streets and boulevards becomes extremely intense. Life in Las Vegas begins after midnight.

Las Vegas, Nevada, Las Vegas, Nevada Holiday Guide / USA

Information about Las Vegas, Nevada / USA

Las Vegas, the world’s entertainment center, is America’s largest city in Nevada. In the city you can see various buildings and hotels with the most unusual architecture. There is a railway line that provides comfortable travel between hotels. In 1931, with the legalization of gambling in Nevada, the formation of the city began. Literally, Las Vegas is an artificially created entertainment center built in the middle of an endless and lifeless desert. In this city there are no restrictions on entertainment.  We bet that every minute spent in this city, founded in the heart of the Nevada desert, will give you a special thrill and unforgettable experience.

Entertainment in Las Vegas

Here you can find hotels in the form of Egyptian pyramids or the Eiffel tower. Las Vegas hotels also include their own casino. Each hotel is known for its show programs, which it attracts guests. This city presents performances of the famous magician David Copperfield, the famous Cirque Du Soleil and many other creative and entertainment projects and groups.

If you suddenly want to take a break from the casino, Las Vegas can offer you a lot of interesting attractions, the main of which can rightly be considered a Museum of nature and history of dinosaurs. The Museum will introduce you to the wild life of Nevada, from the time of dinosaurs to modern days. Las Vegas is the city of marriage. Marriage ceremonies, churches and wedding agencies in Las Vegas can be found at every step, by the way some of them work around the clock. Many couples choose this city for their wedding. Among other advantages of Las Vegas can be noted musicals, guitar shows, sporting events.

Las Vegas, Nevada, Las Vegas, Nevada Holiday Guide / USA

International dragon boat festival at Las Vegas lake, dance competitions and various shows – these are events you won’t want to miss. If your goal is shopping, you are in the right place. Shoes, jewelry, clothing, home accessories, in Las Vegas you can find everything you need. You can find huge shopping malls even in hotels. Do not think that seeing this place, inside you will not Wake up the desire to buy something. In General, Las Vegas includes so many things that even words are not enough to fully describe this city.

Las Vegas, Nevada / USA Accommodation

Of course, you need a place to stay in Las Vegas. We have prepared a small list of hotels where you can stay.

Las Vegas, Nevada, Las Vegas, Nevada Holiday Guide / USA

Marriott’s Grand Chateau: located on the Las Vegas Strip, in the hotel are not any resort fees. This is a non-Smoking hotel and there is no gambling. Free Wi-Fi is available here. All rooms are air-conditioned, which is especially important in the hot Las Vegas.

Mondarin Oriantel City Center: it features a Spa, yoga area and a large gym.

Encore at Wynn Las Vegas: This hotel is located on the Las Vegas Strip, a 10-minute drive from the center of Las Vegas. The five-star hotel offers excellent service. Luxury Mall Fasihon Show is near the hotel.