How about visiting the pyramids built on the desert sands? If you want to see the impressive ancient excavation area, the  Meroe archaeological excavation in Sudan is waiting for you. Imagine that you travel on camels on hot sand, you see these magnificent monuments with your own eyes and as if traveling through time. How much is it interesting for you? If you intend to spend an unforgettable vacation abroad, then pay attention to the Meroe archaeological site in Sudan. If you have a suitable budget and time, then this is one of the places that are definitely worth a look.

Meroe Archaeological Excavation, Meroe Archaeological Excavation / Sudan

How to get there? What is this place like? Where can you stop there if you go to Sudan to see the Meroe Archaeological Excavation? We prepared for the journey and studied the information for you. Today we shared with you in our article. Just keep reading.

Meroe Archaeological Excavation / Sudan How to Get There?

The Republic of Sudan is among the countries for which a visa may be required. To clarify the information, contact the consular office. For citizens of different countries there are different rules and requirements in the visa policy of the Sudan. You can get to Sudan on direct flights from Turkey, Egypt, Qatar and the UAE. Flights arrive in Khartoum, the capital of the Sudan. The flight is approximately 4 hours.

Meroe Archaeological Excavation, Meroe Archaeological Excavation / Sudan

Information About Meroe Archaeological Excavation / Sudan

The pyramids in this excavation zone are similar to the pyramids of Egypt. These pyramids stand-alone above the endless sands in the middle of the desert. The pyramids of Sudan, also called the Nubian pyramids, are located in the Meroe area, 200 km north of the Sudanese capital Khartoum, in Bagratia.

The pyramids belong to the UNESCO World Heritage Site. They were abandoned and forgotten. Continuing civil wars and conflicts in the country hinder the restoration of the pyramids and the development of tourism.

Meroe Archaeological Excavation, Meroe Archaeological Excavation / Sudan

Archaeological excavations of Meroe and the Nubian pyramids are located near the Egyptian pyramids, and are guarded by Sudanese soldiers. This area is called the island of Meroe, because this archaeological site is surrounded by an ancient river. The beginning of the construction of the ancient city belongs to scientists to 720 and 300 years before our era. The entrance to the pyramids is facing east, to where the sun rises.

According to UNESCO, the elements of the Egyptian, Greek and Roman culture used in the design of these pyramids, turn these pyramids into priceless historical monuments. The pyramids, which could not be repaired for a long time because of the civil war in Sudan, finally got this opportunity. Qatar provided support in the amount of 135 million US dollars for the restoration of the pyramids. Today, this region receives about 15,000 tourists annually.

Meroe Archaeological Excavation, Meroe Archaeological Excavation / Sudan

In the area of these ancient excavations there are 255 large and small pyramids. Also, in this area were discovered 40 tombs of the king and queen. Unfortunately, some of these pyramids were destroyed by treasure hunters and vandals in the 1830s. Some parts of the pyramids are still lost. Sudan is the country with the largest number of pyramids in the world. But these pyramids are not as well-known as the Egyptian ones, and are not as large as the pyramid of Cheops.

Meroe Archaeological Excavation / Sudan Accommodation

If you arrived in Khartoum to visit the pyramids and are looking for a place to stay, here are some tips:

Al Salam Rotana Hotel: is one of the best hotels in Sudan. It welcomes visitors with a wide range of services. This hotel is close to the ancient excavations in Meroe, which greatly simplifies the road to excavations.

Meroe Archaeological Excavation, Meroe Archaeological Excavation / Sudan

Corinthia Hotel Khortoum: is one of the few hotels located in the city. Prices are low. The staff is friendly, the service is pleasant. The hotel has clean rooms and clean bathrooms. In the restaurant you can sample local cuisine. The hotel also satisfies visitors with a complimentary breakfast.

Your choice is already your best holiday.