Muradiye Complex is perhaps the most famous architectural monument in the city of Bursa. Its age is over 500 years old. The complex includes several buildings: a hammam (Turkish bath), a mosque, a madrasa (theological school) and a hospice. All these buildings, in spite of their age, serve their intended purpose. In addition, the complex also includes a tomb, where the remains of Sultan Murad II and his family are buried.

Muradiye Complex is annually visited by thousands of tourists, not only local but also foreign. The complex occupies an important place in Turkish history. Here lie the great sultans who have made a great contribution to the development of the country.

History of Muradiye Complex

Muradiye Complex was built in the period 1421-1451 by the order of the Ottoman Sultan Murad II. According to the preserved historical chronicles, this was a tolerant, modest man who did not like war. He voluntarily ceded his throne to his son Mehmet as soon as he turned 19 years old. Two years later he conquered Constantinople, which is now known to the whole world as Istanbul.

Muradiye Complex, Muradiye Complex / Bursa, Turkey

During the reign of Sultan Murad, the Complex included only a mosque, a hamam, a hospice and a madrasa. The tombs were built a little later during the reigns of Bayazid and Suleiman the Magnificent. Interestingly, the dome of the tomb is open. So, the Sultan himself wished. Murad bequeathed to keep the dome open over the grave, in order to “rain dripped into my face.”

Entrance to Muradiye Complex is free, opening hours are from 8 am to 5 pm.

How to get to Muradiye Complex?

Muradiye Complex is located in the very center of Bursa, so getting here is very easy. From anywhere in the city you can take public transport and visit this unique architectural monument. Buses that run to the Complex: E2, C3, 5a, 1a, 35b, B41C, B25, 9p, 2E, 29a and 40h.

Muradiye Complex Address: Muradiye Mahallesi, Prf. Dr. Halil İnalcik Sk., 16050.

Muradiye Complex, Muradiye Complex / Bursa, Turkey

You can get to Bursa by plane or intercity bus. The nearest airport (Yunuseli Airport) is located 20 minutes from the city center.

Buses depart from Otogar (bus station) of any major city in Turkey. You can choose any transport company from a dozen existing in the passenger transportation market. Travel time to Bursa from Istanbul is just over 2 hours.

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Muradiye Complex, Muradiye Complex / Bursa, Turkey

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On the territory of Complex there is a Daruzziyafe restaurant. Here you can relax and taste national Turkish dishes. In addition, among the nearest restaurants to Muradiye Complex are:

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