Evkaya Tombs are the most ancient landmark in the city of Kastamonu. Stone tombs are located just south of the city center, it is very easy to get here. An amazing contrast opens up for those who decide to visit the tombs: ancient buildings carved into the rock, surrounded by a modern city. This view is truly surprising and makes us think about time and history and our place in them.

History of Evkaya Tombs

According to historians, the Evkaya Tombs were built by the palagonites in the 7th century BC. Originally, they were used as a place of worship for the gods, and only much later the building became a tomb. A total of 8 stone tombs are carved into the rock, only three of them have preserved burial chambers. Tombs are located in a rock at a height of about 8 meters from the ground. There are 3 different entrances to the stone tombs. On the front side, you can easily see small carved images of a man and a lion.

Evkaya Tombs, Evkaya Tombs (Rock tomb-houses) / Kastamonu, Turkey

For a long time, this amazing sight remained untouched. Until finally, in 2002, the governor of Kastamonu did not make a decision to carry out work on the improvement of the adjacent territory. Now visiting stone tombs has become much more convenient. Access to the tombs is open around the clock for free.

How to get to Evkaya Tombs/ Kastamonu?

Kastamonu is located in northwestern Turkey, just an hour’s drive from the Black Sea coast. You can get here in several ways. The city has its own airport. It is small and serves only domestic flights from Istanbul. Despite the fact that Ankara is located closer to Kastamonu, the road here will take longer (about 3 hours). This is due to the fact that there is no alternative other than the bus or car. But from Istanbul you can get to Kastamonu by plane in just over an hour. The flight is performed only once or twice a day. Travel time by bus from Istanbul takes about 5 hours.

Evkaya Tombs are located in the city center near the Industrial Professional College (Endustri Meslek Lisesi). From the center is easy to reach, even on foot. But of course, public transport and taxis also come here.

The address of Evkaya Tombs: Saraclar Mahallesi, Muzaffer Ettin Sk., 37100.

Evkaya Tombs, Evkaya Tombs (Rock tomb-houses) / Kastamonu, Turkey

Nearest hotels to Evkaya Tombs

Visiting Evkaya Tombs you cannot worry about where to stay in Kastamonu. The city has enough different hotels for every taste and budget. The nearest hotels to the tombs are:

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  • Kursunluhan Hotel
  • Ferko Ilgaz Mountain Hotel & Resort
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  • Amorium Wooden & Stone House

Evkaya Tombs, Evkaya Tombs (Rock tomb-houses) / Kastamonu, Turkey

Nearest restaurants to Evkaya Tombs

Near Evkaya Tombs there are many excellent restaurants and cafes where you can relax and taste the national Turkish drinks and dishes. Among them:

  • Cem Sultan Bedesteni Restoran
  • Memis Etli Ekmek Daday
  • Pembe Han
  • Kastamonu Green Park
  • Eflanili Konagi
  • İzbeli Ciftligi
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