By the number of the most unusual museums, Turkey occupies a confident leadership among many countries of the world. Different themes of museums make their visit interesting and not boring. Thus, it is possible to look at the culture from a somewhat unusual side and learn something new for yourself. Ulucanlar Prison Museum, located in Ankara, certainly belongs to such museums.

After more than 80 years, the prison has turned into a fascinating museum, where it will be interesting to get to both children and adults. The Ulucanlar Prison was the first prison built in Turkey after the proclamation of the republic. The exhibits are very diverse, so visiting the museum can be safely attributed to interesting entertainment.

History of Ulucanlar Prison Museum

Ulucanlar prison is the first prison of the Republic of Turkey, it was built in 1925. For 81 years, the prison was used for its intended purpose. Here criminals served their sentences, including those who were convicted for political reasons: poets, journalists, politicians. In general, the exhibits of the museum tell about a very dark page in the history of modern Turkey. The walls of the prison witnessed great sufferings and broken lives of people, many of whom never returned home.

Ulucanlar Prison Museum, Ulucanlar Prison Museum / Ankara, Turkey

In 2006 it was decided to close the prison. All prisoners were transferred to other prisons, and the building itself began reconstruction. In 2011, the Ulucanlar Prison Museum opened here.

The museum is open every day (except Mondays) from 10 am to 5 pm. The price of admission is 5 TL for an adult and 3 TL for children over seven years old.

How to get to Ulucanlar Prison Museum

Ulucanlar Prison Museum is located in Ankara, the capital of Turkey, 5 minutes’ drive from the city center. Getting here is quite easy on any kind of public transport. A reference point for you should serve the direction of the route to Ulucanlar Caddesi Street. The nearest transport stop is Ulucanlar Cezaevi. From the stop to the museum about 2 minutes’ walk.

Ulucanlar Prison Museum, Ulucanlar Prison Museum / Ankara, Turkey

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Ulucanlar Prison Museum, Ulucanlar Prison Museum / Ankara, Turkey

Nearest restaurants to Ulucanlar Prison Museum

After visiting the Ulucanlar Prison Museum you will surely get hungry. In this case, there are numerous cafes and restaurants located close to the museum. Here you will find everything you want from Turkish sweets to soups, meat and vegetable dishes. Do not deny yourself the pleasure to discover a new cuisine.

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